Once Upon A Time – The Crocodile

S02xE04 – Story one: Belle has had a nightmare about Mr. Gold reverting back to his old horrible ways, and when she goes to find him she sees him practicing magic which confirms her fears. So Belle decides she can’t be with Gold and disappears. She ends up at Granny’s Diner where Ruby tells her of a job opportunity at the library. It’s been closed for a while. So when Belle goes over to take a look she finds it’s locked, but then a man with a red hat walks by asking her for some change, and when she replies she doesn’t have any, he grabs her.

We find this red hat man and Belle in what looks like a shed. Red hat man tells Belle he was hired to kidnap her, and just as she’s asking who would do such a thing, her father walks in. Belle is more than happy to see him, and Moe (her father) apologizes for how he took her, but wanted to make sure she was away from Gold. Belle tells him that she wasn’t a prisoner, that she chose to stay with him. Moe gets a look of disgust on his face as he asks Belle if she fell in love with him. She shyly nods yes. Moe then says he has to take things into his own hands, and tells red hat man to take her where they had planned.

Mr. Gold is out around town looking for Belle, but no one is willing to help, so he enlists David’s help, who is acting sheriff while Emma is lost. David reluctantly agrees to help and they end up at Granny’s questioning Ruby. Ruby gives in after a little encouragement from David as well as a promise that nothing will happen to Belle. She tells them about the library, and then hands Gold a jacket that Belle left behind. Gold says it’s his and then Ruby says maybe she can follow her scent. Ever since the curse broke, her senses have heightened from the wolf in her. So David and Gold are following Ruby when she loses Belle’s scent. It happens to be right in front of Moe’s flower shop. They go inside and there they learn of Moe’s plan to make Belle forget about Gold, even if it means she forgets about him too. The plan is to take her over the border of Storybrooke, but how? David notices coal dust on Moe’s hand and realizes they’re taking her underground to cross the border. So they rush down there, and red hat man has already released her and she’s well on her way, but Gold uses magic to bring her back, and has caught her just in time before she crossed the border. Gold and Moe are both there, and Belle is furious with both of them and tells them both that their actions good or bad have made her want to stay away from them both. She sets off on her own, and is back at the diner, when Ruby gives her a gift that was left for her. Inside is a key to the library.

So when she heads over and looks around there’s Gold, he’s given her the key in an effort to patch things up. It doesn’t work until he explains why he was using magic the other day when she caught him. The reason the curse was originally cast was for Gold to be able to cross over into the Storybrooke world to find his son, but the curse held him in the town without a way to leave, and his son was somewhere else in that same reality. So then Gold broke the curse so he could leave to find his son Baelfire, but then found out that if you cross the border you lose all your memories, and he wouldn’t remember his son to find. So now he’s been down in his basement trying to figure out a spell that would break the curse of memory loss so he can leave to find his son. He admits that he uses magic as a crutch because he is as he always has been; a coward. This wins Belle back. Good work.

Story Two: Rumpelstiltskin comes home to find his young son home alone, his wife Mila is at the local cavern drinking it up with some sailors that have come ashore. When Rumpel goes to find her, she’s cruel to him and calls him the town coward, and that she’s ashamed to be married to him. He can’t seem to talk her into returning home with him until young Baelfire shows up in the cavern. Only then does she go home with them, but even then she’s not happy. She can’t understand why Rumpel won’t fight and stand up for himself. Next day he finds that Mila is gone and goes to the cavern to find her, there he finds that she’s been taken by the sailors that were there the night before. Rumpel goes to get Mila back from the sailors, but is scoffed at and told by the captain of the ship, Killian Jones, that he will have to fight for Mila and throws him a sword. Rumpel is too afraid to fight, and is laughed off the ship never to see his wife again.

Years later after Rumpel has taken on the Dark One persona we see him talking to the red hat man who has an inside scoop on a magic bean and will trade it for eternal life. Rumpel says he can’t give him eternal life, but can turn the clock backwards and red hat man can relive his youth again, but if he doesn’t come through he will turn the clock forward turning him into dust. After he’s done with red hat man, Rumpel happens to run into none other than Killian Jones again. This time Rumpel isn’t so cowardly and wagers a sword fight. The next day their sword fight begins after learning that Mila is dead. The sword fight doesn’t go well for the captain, and Rumpel decides he’s going to take his heart and kill the captain. As he has his hand in the captain’s chest, he hears a voice begging him to stop. It’s Mila. She’s alive! She offers the magic bean for Killian’s life. So Rumpel follows them to their ship to make the deal. But before the deal can be made Mila plays a game of catch with Rumpel by tossing the bean to Killian. Rumpel then asks Mila why she left their son Baelfire, and she replies by telling him that she never loved Rumpel, but does love Killian. I don’t think that quite answered the question, but ok. So Rumpel reacts in a fit of rage by ripping out Mila’s heart and crumpling it in his hand turning it to dust. He then slices off Killian’s hand with the bean inside it, and poofs out. Just before Rumpel poofs Killian tells Rumpel he will get his revenge to which Rumpel retorts that Killian won’t live long enough to do so.

We next find Rumpel back at home forming a potion, and as he opens the hand of Killian to retrieve the bean, he finds the hand empty. Killian has tricked Rumpelstiltskin! That’s definitely an accomplishment. We see Captain Jones talking to red hat man who we find out is Mr. Smee(!) and the Captain throws the bean into the ocean creating a huge water hole and tells Smee he knows of a land where they can never grow old. A place called Neverland.

Story Three: In present time Fairytale Land we see Captain Jones standing on a beach, and up walks Cora. She greets him by calling him Hook and then tells of her plan to get to Storybrooke to see her daughter using the wardrobe remains. Hook doesn’t seem very interested until Cora mentions that a certain Rumpelstiltskin is there too. Hook may be able to exact his revenge after all.

Best of the episode: The story of Rumpelstiltskin and his wife. I loved learning more of his background and why he created the curse in the first place. Even with being the dark one, you still know he has a heart in there.

Worst of the episode: Belle’s accent. It’s horrible!

Where did this episode leave us?: Hoping they will find a way to save Emma and Mary Margaret soon. Like before Cora figures out a way to get to Storybrooke. But I have a feeling that it won’t happen that way. Cora will figure it out, and all hell will break loose. Which leads me to wonder if Cora will have magic if she makes it to Storybrooke…

Best one-liner: Rumpelstiltskin to Killian – “Sorry but killing a man with his own sword was just too delicious to pass up.”

What the episode ruined for us: Accents


– a la Chryshele


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