Dexter – Run


S07xE04 – Dexter and Masuka are going over Speltzer’s crime scene. They go to the mosuleum and Dexter points out where Speltzer keeps his trophy.
Deb is taking a bath and has a dream similar to Rita’s death – she is submerged in blood. This of course prompts her to go to Dexter and make sure he didn’t kill Rita. He explains how he was chasing Trinity and should have killed him when he first met him but could not because of the code. Deb cannot fathom Dexter having the ability to love but he explains he truly loved Rita and he loves Deb and always has.
Batista found Speltzer, explains that they need a confession to get him due to lack of evidence. Batista starts to question him, talking crap on Deb to get Speltzer to crack. When Deb comes in he’s already livid and spills that he should have killed her. Confession granted.
Deb is convinced that Rita died due to Dexter’s selfishness and now she is worried for Harrison. She suggests him going to live with Aster and Cody (whoa, forgot about them) with their grandparents.
The Brotherhood visits the bartender from the strip club. They want him to take the blame for killing Mike Anderson, so they give him the gun that was used to shoot the officer and tell him his family will be taken care of if he turns it on himself, after writing a confession/suicide note. He complys. RIP.
Hannah comes into the police station and seeks out Dexter. He tells her that Wayne’s last words were about her and she seems to find it endearing. She tells him their original plan was to live on a farm in Argentina.
Video surfaces of the cops reading Speltzer his Miranda rights…he didn’t give a clear answer that he understood so now, he walks. Deb is officially livid. Quinn gets the call about the bartender’s confession. Dexter knows who the killer was so wonders why it was Alex that took the blame?
Brotherhood follows Dexter to the crime scene, they realize it’s the same gun, Batistia though is not convinced.
Jamie is sorting through Harrison’s toys to give away, Dexter gets nostalgic over Lamby, he was a gift from Rita’s mom. He compares his slides to them out of the nostalgia, makes sense.
Dexter follows Speltzer back to work. He breaks into his RV and Speltzer unexpectedly walks in all roided up looking for a fight. He ends up knocking Dexter out cold…Dexter wakes up in a vacant building, another maze. He see’s a note that says “run”. The chase is on and Dexter manages to escape after jumping off of the roof onto a garbage truck.
Harrison is going to visit Aster & Cody in Orlando….brotherhood leader is going to avenge Victor’s death.
At the funeral for the woman that Speltzer killed (assuming?) Speltzer is seen outside with a sneer on his face, Deb tries to attack him and he threatens her. Dexter tries to talk to her afterword and now she can see why he does what he does, and now he has more reason to take Speltzer down. He stalks him in the cemetary, leaves him a note that says “stay” and hits him with a shovel conveniently into a grave that was already dug. He takes him to the creamatorium to burn him along with his slides. He called Deb and she arrives just as Speltzer’s ashes are floating into the sky. She is relieved and she asks Dexter what this makes her, that she is happy he was killed. Dexter replies, “human.”

Best of the episode: Seeing Deb come around a bit.

Worst of the episode: I’m really going to miss the Louis storyline, I hope something involving him comes back.

Where does this episode leave us: How will Deb continue to feel? Has she really accepted Dexter? Oh and bring back Aster and Cody.

Best one-liner: “Lamby smells like pee.” – Dexter

What this episode ruined for us: Lambs. And creamatoriums.

Conversation of the night:
While discussing how Aster & Cody are still prominant in the book series, my friend Jonah and my husband Zack had this conversation…
Jonah – “Aster starts showing signs that she is like Dexter so he teaches her the code, but I think even Showtime would get crap for having a kid be a serial killer. Someone would be on their ass.
Zack – “Like PETA?”
Jonah – “The baker’s son?”

I laugh.


Holler, Jordan


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