Revenge – Intuition

Doesn’t this look like it’s from a soap opera?

S02xE04 – Victoria’s own Cinderella is cleaning up glass and blood from her floor. She tosses a bloody document and check into a fire to burn so no one sees. Emily lets Aidan know that she’s on to him, he’s found her mother and has the flight recorder.
Breakfast at the Grayson’s, cameras are being installed everywhere. Charlotte tells her mother she can see the journal with all of David’s secrets if she asks Amanda. Conrad asks Ashley to keep an eye on David while he is gone. Good girlfriend he is.
Amanda is moving out of the bar and Jack tells her she really can stay as long as she likes, but she isn’t comfortable if he won’t commit to her. She flee’s to Emily’s and is invited to stay there. Right on queue Amanda receives a call from Victoria asking her to bring the journal over at six. Victoria is the only one who can tell Emily where her mother is.
Nolan’s partner is appalled by how he keeps records. Emily interrupts and Nolan shows Emily how he infiltrated the cameras in the Grayson house to work to their advantage. Nolan’s partner brings to his attention a storage unit he has that will be auctioned off if not claimed.
Declan and his little friend are fighting over how Declan saved his ass.
Emily is listening in on Amanda and Victoria’s conversation over the journals. She tells Victoria she doesn’t want money, just to know about her mother. Victoria sticks to the story that her mother died in the institution. As Charlotte walks in Victoria changes their story to that they are throwing a baby shower for Amanda.
Ashley is watching Daniel like she promised Conrad. He is obviously covering something.
Aidan goes to track down Emily’s mom, admits his identity and lets her know that Gordon has passed. He forces her to come along with him.
While Daniel is explaining how terrible his family is to Ashley she receives a call from Conrad which obviously upsets Daniel. Emily tells Amanda they need Victoria’s signature so she tells her she should ask Victoria to write a check in exchange for the journals. Whilst out of the room, Nolan’s partner checks Nolan’s computer and steals a key while she’s at it.
Conrad isn’t on a client meeting (shocker), but instead he’s looking at some form of commercial real estate. Or is he? They keep referring to a man that is “off the grid”. All this secrecy is really hard to follow at times.
Jack is trying to make it right with the man Declan stole from. He says it will be twenty grand to make it right.
Amanda does arrive at the shower, complete with several strippers in tow. Aidan and Emily’s mom discuss Gordon so Aidan can try to trace his captors. As Aidan is reading through the info he gets a blow dart to the neck courtesy of Emily’s mother.
The bar will not be able to open and it will cost forty grand to fix it. Just another thing for Jack to have to clean up: Mold.
Nolan’s partner went to the storage unit which is owned by his father. She brings in a binder labeled with his name. He saved all of Nolan’s newspaper press from his years of success. This is a side of Nolan we don’t get to see too often, he wants to go to the unit himself.
Emily’s mom wakes up Aidan and starts to question him. She thinks he works for the Grayson’s or the “Initiative” and surprise, Gordon was actually her husband.
Daniel finds an unauthorized car in the lot, which is Ashley’s, and calls security to get her to leave so he can go through her things. He listens to her voicemail’s to see she is working with Conrad.
Victoria gives Amanda a baby journal with a check for the hundred thousand dollars she needed, complete with signature.
Secrets out, Victoria’s signature matched the sign in sheet from the hospital. Victoria admits that her mother is alive and that she tried to kill her. Trying to fight Victoria off, Amanda goes over the balcony, bleeding heavily. She is rushed to the hospital, Charlotte rides along.
Emily calls Jack and they both rush to the hospital. Turns out the man that Declan stole from is trying to get the bar, the inspection results were falsified. Oh snap.
Victoria tells Conrad that Amanda confronted her and knows she had help figuring it out. Ashley and Daniel come home and Ashley tells Conrad there is nothing to report. At the storage unit Nolan goes through all of his father’s belongings. Nolan is starting to have a little bit of feelings for his new partner, or maybe its just the wave of nostalgia.
Aidan is fighting his way out of Emily’s mom’s house while she drives away. She hears on the radio that Amanda is being rushed to the hospital. Emily, Charlotte and Jack are there, if it comes down to it Amanda says to save the baby, at least according to Emily. Emergency C-section, Amanda is in a coma, baby is in the Nic-U. Neither can be seen. Declan arrives to hear the bad news. This is the first time Declan and Charlotte have been in the same room in a while. Emily wanders the hospital.
Looking through the storage unit Nolan’s partner finds a frame check, Jack watches his son through the hospital glass, and Aidan breaks free from Emily’s mom’s place to call Emily but she is too busy wandering in slow motion to notice her voicemail. Good thing, too, she sees her mother there caressing the face of her daughter…well, Amanda. Flashback to mom drowning baby Emily? Creepy. Aidan makes it to Emily’s just in time for her to break down.

Best of the episode: I’m going to go against the grain and say Amanda falling to her possible demise. I cannot stand her, kill her off already. It would make everything easier.

Worst of the episode: The fact that Emily’s mom is a shady character, I always wanted her to have somewhat of a normal parent since her dad is dead.

Where does this episode leave us: Emily has a breakdown over her mother who may have potentially tried to kill her when she was litte? Amanda might die (yes?) and the baby may live? What’s going to happen to Daniel and Ashley (hopefully they break up).

Best one-liner: Exchange between Declan and Charlotte – “Are you okay?” “No.” So loaded, she said so much more than she intended to with that ‘no’. There relationship was always one of my favorites of last season.

What this episode ruined for us: Baby showers.

Holler, Jordan


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