The Vampire Diaries – Memorial

S04xE02 –  Now that Elena is a vampire, she needs to feed. Damon and Stefan differ on their ideas of how Elena should feed. Stefan believes she should feed on animals and never taste human blood, Damon believes the opposite. Elena opts to go for Stefan’s way because she doesn’t want to kill anyone, but killing an animal isn’t proving easy either. And when she finally does feed off the animal, she purges the blood almost immediately after. Elena isn’t looking good, she needs the real stuff, but Stefan thinks she just needs to keep trying on the animal blood. She’ll eventually grow a taste for it. I think Stefan forgets he’s had years, where she’s only had days in this lifestyle.

So as Damon’s bruting over Elena’s decision, we meet a mysterious guy that likes to wear a black glove on his hand. We first see him at the scene of the fire that blew up the cabin with the counsel inside. He’s there investigating the fire and finds an envelope in the oven, and it’s addressed to an April. Next we see him show up at the bar where Damon and the Sheriff are having a conversation to which he interrupts. It seems that the sheriff knows this man, but we’re not given any indication as to who he is. It’s not until this mystery man shows up at the mayor’s house and forces his way in, do we start to get an idea. When Tyler shakes his gloved hand and winces in pain, we now know it’s bathed in verbane, and he proceeds to shoot Tyler with wooden bullets. The mystery man is a vampire hunter. Just what they need. Caroline takes Tyler over to the Salvatore house where Stefan removes the bullets, and on the bullets are a symbol. Another mystery.

Jeremy is at school and this is where we meet April. It seems that she’s been gone a while, and has returned for the memorial. And possibly to stay since she’s at school. Jeremy seems pleased about this, I feel something’s going to happen there. Elena has enlisted Damon’s help due to her inability to keep animal blood down. So he tells her that she needs to feed on human blood, and she’s still resistant. So he offers up his own blood to her, but tells her not to say anything to Stefan, because sharing vampire blood is a personal thing.

The memorial is getting ready to start, and Elena is looking ghostly. Elena makes her way over to April who is sitting alone in the chapel, and they talk about the loss of their parents. It seems they have a lot to relate to, but as Elena is holding April’s hand she begins to feel her pulse and the urge to feed emerges. She walks away and makes it into the bathroom, where she begins to vomit up blood, and it looks like a murder scene in the bathroom. She manages to call Damon to help her and as she proceeds to clean up her giant red mess, mystery man shows up and knocks on the door. Crap. She manages to put him off for a bit, and when Damon shows up, mystery man is waiting nearby for Elena to leave the bathroom. Damon the gallant man he is, has brought Elena a change of clothes, and they brush it off to the mystery man as having spilled coffee down her dress. They’re in the clear. For the moment. Outside Elena has given in and Damon has her feeding off of human blood bags, but she’s not holding that down either. This isn’t a good situation. Stefan sees Damon packing it away as Elena is walking off and he knows something’s up. Damon lets it slip that not only did he just feed her human blood, but that it was because she couldn’t keep down the animal blood or his. Stefan seems hurt by this for two reasons. Elena isn’t telling him, and Elena fed off Damon. Uh oh.

Mystery man is next seen running into April, whom he then stabs in the gut. As the memorial is ready to begin the chapel has filled up and April is nowhere to be found. She’s supposed to give a speech. As they move onto a song, all of the vampires in the room tense up because they smell blood. They have this cool discussion under their breaths to each other and realize it’s a trap, and nobody is to move. Elena is struggling the worst being a newbie and all. She needs to feed on a live human, nothing else has worked. Matt offers himself up and they do this nice comforting Elena move while she bites into his neck. Elena gets her fill and they resume their positions of staring forward not giving anything away. Tyler then decides he’s going to make a move and heads to the podium interrupting the song saying he wants to give a few words. Mystery man shoots Tyler down and everyone clears out screaming. Damon heads to find the mystery man, and Elena goes to find April. She’s up on the balcony and her blood is everywhere. Elena is about to pounce on her, when Caroline stops her and makes Elena see April for who she is as a human, not a food source. It works, and Caroline heals April. Elena then uses her powers of suggestion to change April’s memories about the day. She’s learning!

Damon catches up to mystery man, but the fight doesn’t go well, this guy is better prepared than Damon thought. Damon gets shot himself, and mystery man gets away able to attack another day. Stefan talks with Elena about not telling him that she wasn’t taking to animal blood, and she admits she didn’t tell him because she wanted to make him happy. He tells her that he’s happy just having her. Precious. Elena realizes that everything has been about her lately, and she needs to make it up to her friends.

Stefan summons everyone together, and they decide to send off lanterns in memory of those that they’ve lost. Everyone is willing to participate except for Damon who calls it stupid and storms off. As we’re watching the lanterns gather height, we find Damon in the cemetery talking to Alaric’s grave. It’s really touching to see that Damon misses his friend. And the waterworks really start when you see Alaric’s ghost sitting next to Damon listening, and then telling Damon that he misses him too. If only Damon could see him. My heart hurts!

Best of the episode: Damon showing his vulnerability in the cemetery. Even if no one was around to see it except for Alaric. It was sweet, and I seriously had a cry fest over it.

Worst of the episode: Stefan not understanding Elena’s needs and instead focusing on what he wants for her. It’s typical of him to be this way, but Damon is just the same himself. It could be a vampire thing, but I think it’s a Salvatore thing.

Where did this episode leave us: Wondering who this mystery vampire hunter man is. And why he’s encroaching on the town. Also now that we know Elena has to feed on a live human, how will this be handled? Will she adjust to her new form as well as the others have? She’s the one who wanted this the least, so for me I think she won’t adjust very well.

Best one-liner: Damon – “A little mid-service snack. Church always gets me hungry; you know, the whole blood of Christ thing.”

What this episode ruined for us: Church bathroom


– a la Chryshele


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