The Neighbors – Bathroom Etiquette

S01xE04 – It’s the first day of school for the kids, and for Dick Butkus and Reggie Jackson it’s the first day of human school ever. This should prove interesting. So to help them adjust to human school Marty and Debbie offer advice to Larry and Jackie. Debbie is convinced that Dick Butkus is going to be the target of bullying. So she provides what she thinks is support in the way of her son Max looking after Dick. Throughout the process Debbie is overly helpful, and this starts to wear thin for Jackie and Larry. At the school, as they see the younger ones off, Dick decides he would like to sing a song of love to his parents. They’re so proud. The teacher and Debbie have other thoughts about the performance though.

On to the older kids starting their new high school; Amber is sizing up the students determining the cliques, Reggie is tagging along, and so are his pants (they’re a bit too large). Amber immediately sees the boy of her desire and plots a way to get his attention, but it will be hard with the giant zit on her chin. Reggie also sees in order to get Amber’s approval he must sacrifice himself and does so in public by outing Amber’s intimate relationship with Alan Alda. Yeah you read that right. Well Reggie’s plan seemed to work because desirous boy has been reeled in, and Amber approves.

Back to the kidlets who have walked into their classroom, and Dick in no time is seen as the weakest link by the bullies. But Dick has a surprise up his sleeve and punches Max in the gut. Dick will not be looked at as the weakest one. So the parents are called into the principal, and Larry and Jackie are so proud of Dick’s victory, the principal not so much. And Dick is given detention, but they don’t understand what that means.The increasing annoyance for the Weaver’s interference is showing more and more as the day goes on. So now Max has been pegged as the weak one and the bullies have jumped on their mark. Dick finds Max in the bathroom getting a swirly, which we saw Dick practicing earlier, and Dick offers himself up to them saying he’s really good at them. They won’t listen, so Dick does what he thinks will work and that is to reveal his true self. Oh crap.

So now we’re back in the principal’s office, but this time it’s show and tell time. The bullies have drawn pictures of Dick’s true form. Again Larry and Jackie are so proud. They love the second one the best. Debbie and Marty are making excuses left and right for the Bird-Kersee’s. But the principle isn’t buying it, this time Dick has been suspended. Dick’s a little too happy about it and inquires as to where he will be suspended. It’s precious.

The Weaver’s stop by to give the Zabvronians an apology gift. It’s an orchid for their crapper. They love it. They then see that Dick’s suspension is going well, literally. He’s suspended in the living room from the ceiling, and he’s loving it. Being that they just smoothed things over, the Weaver’s leave that one alone and go home. Not much later they get a knock on the door, and there’s Larry and Jackie with shovels in hand saying they’ve just grounded Reggie Jackson, but how does he breathe now. The Weaver’s can’t back off entirely it seems.

Best of the episode: The bathroom garden that Larry and Jackie have next to their sleeping chambers. And that leaves me to wonder things.

Worst of the episode: Amber. I’m not liking her at all. The younger kids and Reggie are great, but I’m just not seeing a lot of potential for her character.

Where this episode leaves us: Interested in seeing how the Zabvronian kids fair in human school. Dick Butkus especially.

Best one-liner: Larry – “We grow gardens in the room next to our sleep chamber. You keep a sewer there. Yes, I guess we are the crazy ones.”

What this episode ruined for us: Punishments


– a la Chryshele


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