Grey’s Anatomy – Love The One Your With


S09xE03 – The surviving members of the crash are discussing the settlement. It has to be unanimous. Owen calls Christina in Minnesota to let her know they have three days to decide of they should take the settlement or pursue. Meredith and Derek discuss the same. Callie and Arizona not so much. Arizona doesn’t seem to want to let Callie back in or receive any help.
April is back, no one seemed to be aware of this, they think that Jesus offered her her job back, not Owen. And now they all meet in the attending lounge because they are big kids. Meanwhile Christina has been busy relaxing at the Mall of America.
Teenager incoming, sailing accident. Callie also implies that she and Alex slept together in the past? I swear to Jesus this didn’t happen. Clarification anyone? They’ve slept with everyone else but I’m surprised I do not remember this. Okay, moving on.
Jackson and April are giving a consultation to remove some skin from a woman who has lost a bunch of weight. She wants to sleep with her fiance but can’t until the surgery is complete. This whole situation is really awkward for April and Jackson, you can tell they want each other.
Callie, Alex and new interns are working on the sailboat victim, she complains she can’t feel her foot. Turns out, her foot is no longer attached to her body.
Christina is back working with Mr. Feeny and he oes not take kind to her suggestions. Derek and Meredith still cannot decide if they should settle or not. Jackson and April are still pretty awkward with each other. Jackson is feeling pretty bad that April can try to forget him so easily. Is it possible that he has real feelings for her? Bailey overhears an realizes that she wishes they were never allowed in the attending lounge.
Christina brings up her issues with Mr. Feeny to the Chief again. The Chief of Minnesota will let her scrub in with him on an innovative procedure if she puts her time in with Feeny.
Bailey is putting up signs all over the attending lounge telling people to get out. Meredith and Christina again discuss the settlement. Christina is a team player, she’ll do what everyone else wants her to do.
Callie’s sailboat patient wants her to amputate the leg so she can get back out on the water. Her parents seem to think this is okay? Jo, the new intern, flirts with Callie, but she should really be flirting with Alex. Jackson is still giving April a hard time about pretending their fling never happened.
Owen and Christina finally have a conversation that does not involve money. It seems like Christina is really trying to open up. Bailey and Meredith try and talk some sense into Jackson. They think he took her v-card when really it was definitely a mutual thing that happened and no one seems to get that. Jackson and Meredith share the fact that the old Chief banged both of their mom’s, so there’s that.
Mr. Feeny admits he knows what googling is, an in googling he found out that Christina was in the plane crash. Turns out Christina is actually impressed with Mr. Feeny’s signature move. He tells her that life is short so she should get to work on that.
Callie is still trying to get Arizona to open up. She is still bitter and isn’t afraid to lash out.
The skin removal surgery worked and Roxy couldn’t be happier. Alex finally gives his intern a break and Callie tells sailing girls parents to be just that, parents. Don’t let her sail or she’ll lose the foot.
Derek goes to the wrecked plane where they are trying to find out what the problem was. If they settle the investigation stops.
April and Jackson have a discussion which leas to a make-out session. They can’t be around each other anymore. Bailey is going nuts because Tuck let go of her hand when he went to school. She feels alone. Tuck’s dad is getting married again, Bailey tried to talk to Ben but he was busy. Everyone is moving on but her.
Owen asks Christina again about the settlement. She’s back to closing herself off. Callie finally rips into Arizona and explains that this is her life too, she has to deal with all the crap that Arizona has to deal with. Christina receives a hankie from Mr. Feeny and he tells her that back in ‘nam he was in a plane crash, only survivor. Mr. Feeny makes her laugh.
Derek feels that if they settle than this could happen again. They all change their minds and they decide to pursue.

Best of the episode: Seeing Callie finally stand up to Arizona about how this affects her too. Very emotional.

Worst of the episode: I was prepared to say they have been giving Bailey ridiculous storylines lately but turns out, they lea to something.

Where this episode leaves us: They are not settling, is Christina ever coming back?

Best one-liner: Christina – “I went to the Mall of America. I purchased jeggings. I’m ready to go back to work.”

What this episode ruined for us: Sticky notes.


Holler, Jordan


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