Hawaii Five-0 – Popilikia (Misfortune)

S03xE04 – We start with a couple enjoying their day when they decide to go into see a psychic. Well she wants to, he’s not so thrilled. The psychic is of the tarot card reading kind and performs a reading on the girl. All is going well until she gets the death card. The psychic tells her death is closing in. Scary! Next we see that the death card was true, it just turns out it was the boy who dies, not the girl. And by dies, I mean decapitated. While on a horse. By a wire. Strung between two polo goal posts. Yeah.

McGarrett is awoken by his mother showing up and cooking him breakfast. Catherine’s there too, but she leaves awkwardly to let the mother and son talk. When McGarrett talks to his mother, she says she just wants to be home on the island, stop running and settle down in a house of her own. He’s not sure how this will work with Wo Fat still out there, but she’s pretty assuring. While McGarrett is giving the third degree to his mother, he gets the call about the decapitation. This talk will have to continue later.

Getting to the murder scene, which was deemed a murder by Max once he showed them the wire, they now have to figure out who would want to murder him. So they do their research psychic style and find out he’s been getting paid off by his former polo coach because Billy (the victim) had found out about the coach’s drug habit. They conclude the coach didn’t kill him, so they move on to the owner’s of the polo field where they meet the couple’s son Jake. He’s just heard about the “accident” which Five-0 has to inform him that it was murder. Jake’s upset because he realizes that the wire was actually meant for him. He had switched practice times with Billy. So now we need to figure out why Jake is being targeted.

Five-0 finds out that Jake was kidnapped as a child and had escaped from his captors, but not before he lost a finger as proof of life for the ransom they were demanding. He was then a witness at the kidnapper’s trial and Jake put them away. One of them died in prison, but the other was released and has been MIA from his half-way house. Looks like we’ve found our killer. So as McGarrett is figuring this out, Kono is leaving Jake’s house, but receives a call to turn around and go back and put Jake into protective custody. But just as Kono pulls back up to the house Amanda (Jake’s mom) and Jake are getting into their car, and a bomb goes off. Amanda is in critical condition as she took the brunt of the blast. Jake is fine, but it’s evident someone is trying to kill him. Or are they?

McGarrett’s mother shows up to the office in the meantime after Chin failed to keep her at home per McGarrett’s request. She tells Steve to stop treating her like a child and that she’s going back to his house on her own. Not such a good idea we see, because she unearths a safe box under the floor boards and inside the box is a roll of film. She’s up to something.

Danny locates the place the kidnapper dude is staying at, so McGarrett meets up with him and after a nice chase, McGarrett catches him by throwing themselves over a bridge into a nasty canal. Once McGarrett is done giving himself a tetanus shot, they go and question kidnapper dude and we find out that he was paid $50,000 to plant the bomb in the car. Why was he paid off? He admits he would have done it for free to get revenge on Jake. The guy is a sick bastard.

So now they’ve got to figure out why kidnapper dude was paid off, and they end up digging up some dirt on Amanda, she was having an affair with wait for it, Billy! Now the game has changed. So they go to visit Amanda in the hospital, but as they get there, Amanda’s flatlined. They discover she’s been suffocated. So they look at the hospital surveillance and see that Jake is the one who suffocated her. He just killed his mother! Five-0 heads straight to Jake’s house and they find his father there. He already knows about Amanda, but doesn’t know how she’s died. When they tell him, he blames himself explaining that when Jake was kidnapped they had received a ransom threat before the finger, and he was ready to pay it, but Amanda told him not to. And it took Jake escaping to be safe. And then we find out he also knew about the affair and Jake wanted him to divorce Amanda, but he said no. Jake was angry and killed Billy and then hired the kidnapper dude to kill Amanda. Kind of a sick twisted hiring there. So then they ask where Jake is, and they’re told and head out to him. Jake is on his horse practicing his polo skills, when Five-0 reaches him, and as they are telling him they need to talk, Jake charges at them swinging his polo stick (I’m not sure the technical term), and McGarrett dodges him and shoots him down. Danny arrests him.

So now they are all out eating them some shrimp when McGarrett and his mom drive up to join them, but before they do, McGarrett asks Doris why she let Wo Fat get away. Her explanation is that Wo Fat attacked her and she shot wild and when he heard Catherine coming up the stairs, he jumped out the window. McGarrett plays that he buys the story, but when he’s telling Danny, he admits he doesn’t believe her. What is she up to?

Best of the episode: Seeing Catherine and McGarrett’s relationship evolve. I think they’re a cute couple. I also enjoyed the banter between Kono and Danny about psychics and ghosts. It was a nice change.

Worst of the episode: The decapitation, man that was graphic. And then they had to show it happen twice! It was kind of cool though too.

Where this episode leaves us: Wondering how deep in Wo Fat’s pocket Doris is. Why else would she let him go? And what’s up with the roll of film?

Best one-liner: Doris – “Stop playing with your gun and come have some breakfast.”

What this episode ruined for us: Polo


– a la Chryshele


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