Mike & Molly – Molly in the Middle

S03xE04 – Mike and Molly are having a baby! Ok well they’re trying to have a baby. Molly seems to be a little baby hungry, and Mike is eager for baby making sex, so it’s a win-win. Mike is so happy about baby making sex he just has to share it with Carl, but Carl isn’t as happy to hear about it. Mainly because he has just broken up with Christina. That’s understandable. So when Mike comes home for the night and sees Christina over for girl’s night Mike gets a little upset. Mike pulls Molly aside and tells her she can’t be friends with Christina because it will ruin his friendship with Carl. Molly can’t understand why this would ruin things for MIke, and tells him she’s staying friends with Christina. She can be friends with both of them, she shouldn’t have to choose sides.

So the next morning Carl stops by to pick up Mike and Molly asks Carl if he would care that she stay friends with Christina. Carl plays it cool and tells her he has no problem with that, but you know it’s not true. And that’s confirmed when Mike and Carl leave the house and Carl has the stink eye. It’s also evident when Mike comes home from work and he’s been graffitied by some teenagers no thanks to Carl. How does that even happen? Molly gets a mouthful from Mike about it, but she’s still not budging, she doesn’t want to choose sides.

It’s not until she goes and talks to Carl and smoothes things over that she begins to understand the situation. But it really hits her when she’s ready to have a night out with Christina and all Christina does is bad mouth Carl. That earns her a kick to the curb. Go Molly! Molly then tells Mike what happened, and says she now sees why she had to choose. Which sucks, because you always end up having to do just that.

Best of the episode: Mike getting graffitied and not even noticing. Well according to Carl, Mike didn’t notice until it was too late. Mike’s version is Carl didn’t help stop it. Either way it’s pretty funny that it even happened.

Worst of the episode: Not enough Victoria. I think they’ve cut back on her character a bit too much this season.

Where did this episode leave us?: With the prospect that Mike and Molly will be adding a little one. I’m not sure how long this will take, or they may go the infertility route to delay things and keep the funny, but it looks like it may happen.

Best one-liner: Joyce – “Have you ever met a toddler? Dumb as rocks.”

What the episode ruined for us: Kids


– a la Chryshele


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