Dexter – Buck the System

S07xE03 – Dexter is feeling smothered by Deb. She’s everywhere he is, and he’s about to lose what little control he has. Dexter is at the post office mailing a package to Miami Metro, telling himself (us) this is the only way he can take care of Louis (Good. Louis is a total creep) when Deb pops in telling him to hurry, yeah he’s feeling like a caged animal.

At work Dexter is required to take a dna swab from a guy in custody, but this guy is pushing Dexter’s buttons, and when he pushes the right one, Dexter acts upon it by strangling the guy. Good thing Deb is on his ass, so that she was able to stop Dexter before he killed the guy. Dexter tries to explain that Deb being on him every minute of the day is making him lose control rather than maintaining it. She’s not fully understanding, but agrees to back off and let him do his thing. So what does Dexter do first? Starts looking into past files for his next victim. This is where he comes across a file of a man named Speltzer who got away with murder on a technicality. Dexter is convinced this dude is going to kill again, and starts doing research. He starts going to the gym Speltzer goes to so he can watch him. Deb checks in and Dexter is telling her where he is, and come to find out he’s telling the truth. Sort of. Deb has followed him to the gym, so I guess she hasn’t really backed off.

Back at work Dexter is eyeing Louis with Masuka. Louis thinks he has the upper hand in this whole situation until a package arrives for the crime lab. Masuka opens the package and inside is the mannequin hand from the ice truck killer case. Included is a letter from the buyer (Dexter) saying they were returning it to Louis. Masuka freaks out and fires Louis. One down one more Louis situation to go. So Louis gets home and finds Jamie on his couch. She’s visibly upset and tells Louis that she wants to show him a movie she received anonymously (Dexter again), and then when she hits play it’s actually one of Louis’ vlogs. Particularly the one of him and the hooker. Uh yeah that’s over. Louis just isn’t having a good day.

Dexter has now followed Speltzer to a bar, telling Deb he’s going to the new gym again after work. Deb is obviously going to follow Dexter, and he seems to know it himself. While at the bar, Dexter shows Deb Speltzer’s file and tries to explain what he needs to do, and then points Speltzer out to Deb. She wigs out on Dexter there in the bar, and nearly blows everything for everyone involved or not involved. Dexter is told not to pursue the guy and to leave things alone.

The next day Dexter is at the cemetery that Speltzer works at watching him exit a mausoleum. This is suspicious to Dexter because Speltzer is a grounds keeper, why would he need to enter a mausoleum? Well just as he’s about to find out, Deb calls him commanding him to return to the office right away. I guess he won’t be finding anything out. Damn. So back at the office Deb decides to give Dexter some busy work by sending him with Batista to collect a dna swab from Sarah Walker Hannah McKay the accomplice to Wayne Randall who killed himself after leading the cops on a wild goose chase for his victims. When Dexter meets Hannah, and there seems to be something going on. Dexter starts to fumble around, and me thinks he might like her. She is gorgeous after all.

So Quinn who has been looking a little or a lot cracked out lately has been dating the stripper from the Russian strip club Miami Metro has been all over due to Kaja’s death. We find out the Russian head honchos want little miss pretty boobs to use Quinn to find out information about Victor (who Dexter has already killed), so when stripper friend is on a date with Quinn, she tells him everything. Funnily enough Quinn has a proposition for her, he’ll give a little information to her so she can appease her bosses, and in return if she hears anything about Mike’s murder, she is to let Quinn know. Seems like a fair deal, hopefully it pans out.

The Russian mafia dudes are still trying to find Victor, and talk of a gps chip that was in Kaja’s bracelet, but wasn’t on Kaja when she was found. So they realize Victor must have had it, so they use it to track his last known location, and find that it’s out at sea. Victor’s dead, and now they’re going to find out who did it. So they go to the marina and there they find Slice of Life and Louis. Louis is planning to sink Dexter’s boat as revenge, but the last laugh is on him, because he gets caught by the Russians and after he convinces them that he doesn’t own the boat, but that it’s owned by Dexter who works for Miami Police Department, he gets a bullet between the eyes. So long Louis, I’m sure you won’t be missed.

So Dexter is of course not going to let this Speltzer thing go, and after hours heads back into the cemetery and breaks into the mausoleum, and there he finds a little shrine to his victim. Dexter has the proof that Deb said he needed before anything could be done. Meanwhile it seems that Dexter’s lizard brain has got Deb’s lizard brain thinking about Speltzer, so she calls Dex to let him know that she will be home late because she’s going to drive by and check out Speltzer’s home. Dex doesn’t get the message until he’s out of the mausoleum due to no cell service. But when he does get it, he freaks out, because Deb is ruining his plans. But the plans Deb is ruining are actually Speltzer’s. He’s got the waitress from the bar he frequents over, and he’s about to do some killing. What’s really freaky is that his entire upstairs is a horror maze of death, and this poor girl is being chased around it by Speltzer in some horned mask. I think he’s supposed to be el Diablo, but who knows. Well Deb hears the screams and sees the weird strobe lighting and kicks her way in only to get herself trapped in the maze of death. And just when you think Deb doesn’t have a chance to get away alive, Dexter comes up from behind and knocks the guy out, saves Deb, but it’s too late for waitress girl and Speltzer gets away.

After the ordeal, Deb tells Dexter that he was right, that if she had let him kill Speltzer the girl would still be alive, and Speltzer wouldn’t be free to kill again. She tells Dexter her little serial killer rehab experiment is over and that he should move back home. I never thought Deb would give in that quick.

Best of the episode: Louis biting the big one. His character drove me crazy.

Worst of the episode: Quinn looking more and more doped out. His face is so hollow looking! Is it just me?

Where did this episode leave us?: With Dexter back on his own, free to live his life again. Or so we think. We’ll see how loose that chain Deb has on Dexter really is.

Best one-liner: Masuka after firing Louis – “I have the worst luck with interns.”

What the episode ruined for us: Mausoleums. They’re creepy anyway.


– a la Chryshele


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