The Walking Dead – Seed

S03xE01 – The gang is back and it’s been months that time has passed. How do we know? Because Lori is about to pop, and Hershel has a beard and mullet going on. It seems from what we can tell they’ve been traveling a lot without staying in one place for too long. Basically from walker-infested home to walker-infested home. They all look worn out from the aftermath of what happened on the farm. And little Carl is ready to stoop as low as to eat a can of dog food, but Rick won’t have any of that tom-foolery.

After an attempt to rest in an abandoned house, they aren’t able to do so for very long as walkers start to surround them. They flee safely and proceed with their travel to find another place to camp for the night. They come upon the prison we got a glimpse of at the end of last season. They find that the inner yard is a perfect place to camp for the night, that is once they kill all the walker inmates and lock it off from the rest of the prison. It’s probably one of the easiest slaughters yet. Most of them were killed through a fence by the group. The next day they set out to work their way into the prison itself. From what they can tell the prison looks to have been overtaken by the walkers early on, and doesn’t look like many civilians, if any made it in. This means good things for them, as there will be an infirmary and cafeteria within that should provide them the food and supplies they need.

Meanwhile we see that Andrea isn’t doing so well, she’s sick, and Michonne who we briefly met end of last season has brought her some aspirin. They talk about their need to move forward, and Andrea tells Michonne to leave her behind. But that doesn’t fly. Michonne, Andrea and Michonne’s walker pets start out to look for a better place to camp. Why does she have walker pets? And does she trade them out after they get too decayed?

The group has made a pretty good start into the prison, and get themselves set up in a block that is now secure, so this means they have beds to sleep on in the cells. I bet they never dreamed a prison would be a place of luxury and desire. Times they are a changing. Rick decides they should push further and see how far they can get into the prison, so a group of them does so. They make it semi-deep in before they run into a large group of walkers. They try to head back, but end up getting lost, and Hershel gets attacked in the leg by a walker in the process. They make it into what looks like the cafeteria with Hershel in tow and there Rick chops off Hershel’s infected leg. It’s pretty gruesome and he’s bleeding out. Seriously it was gruesome and you watch it all. While they’re trying to figure out how they should stop the bleeding, they hear some noise and Daryl who is prepared to shoot his arrow, has it pointed at what they think are walkers until you hear one of them say “holy shit”. You see it’s a group of prisoners that have managed to survive. Holy shit is right.

Best of the episode: When the group is fighting their way into the prison and they encounter walkers in swat gear. Those weren’t as easy to kill, so it was cool to see them try and figure out how to do it. Then there was a walker with a gas mask on and when Rick pulls it off for the kill, the walker’s face is removed along with the gas mask. It was nasty, yet awesome.

Worst of the episode: Carl having the hots for a girl that’s a hell of a lot older than him. But what was worse, is it looked like the girl had feelings for Carl too. I guess statutory rape doesn’t exist in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Where did this episode leave us?: With five live prisoners the group now has to deal with. Will they kill them or incorporate them into the group? I’m guessing it’s war! We shall see.

Best one-liner: Daryl – “While the others wash their panties, let’s go hunting. That owl didn’t exactly hit the spot.”

What the episode ruined for us: Gas Masks. If you’re a Doctor Who fan, these have already been ruined for you. If not, welcome to the gas mask haters club.


– a la Chryshele


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