Revenge – Confidence


S02xE03 – We open with Emily and an unknown man in Japan running through a Shining-esq maze. She makes it through, he does not. Back to the present where the man from the beach killed the white-haired man and Emily of course has no thanks for him. He was one of her partners for this “mission” as it seems. Victoria and Daniel notice Emily’s light on late at night, Daniel assures his mother that this is her cleaning time. She does it when she can’t sleep. He me misses her and Ashley isn’t helping.
We now see how the white-haired man helps Victoria off of the plane. Daniel is starting to see holes in his mother’s story and she isn’t a fan of this. We learn the identity of the white haired man, Gordon Murphy. Emily finds his identification as well as some for Victoria on his body. Victoria calls Emily to see why she is awake. She wants to be sure she hasn’t talked to the press. In true Emily fashion she tells Victoria she’ll stop by tomorrow with a strategy. Emily tries to hang onto Gordon’s phone as a link to her mother, the British man isn’t too keen on that, so also in true Emily fashion she hits him over the head with a blunt object.
Declan and his friend from last week, why don’t I remember these names, are now searching a home, I want to say the Grayson’s due to media swarming but I cannot be sure. Jack and Amanda are awake together and this gives them a chance to talk. They can turn Declan’s room into a nursery. Jack doesn’t want any charity from the Grayson’s so he tells Amanda she cannot accept Charlotte’s generous gift.
It’s strategy time at the Grayson’s over breakfast. They’re all going over talking points for the press. Nolan is being forced to actually do his job and he has a meeting with his new assistant this morning.
The British Man that Emily hit ends up in a trash compactor, but he manages to escape before being crushed with garbage. Victoria tries to have a heart to heart with Charlotte, and she is upset Charlotte spent money on a baby gift for Amanda. More secrets need to be kept. Emily arrives to discuss what she should or should not say to the press. She tells she needs to cut ties with the family immediately and has security show Emily the door. Meanwhile, British guy is breaking into a motel room with a key he found on Gordon. He find nothing except a woman asking him a lot of questions. She remembers that Gordon stayed there. As soon as the British man leaves the woman calls the police department he claimed to be with and they have heard of no such person.
Emily enlists Amanda to deliver a journal to Charlotte. It’s doctored of course but Amanda has a hard time helping Emily now where it involving the Grayson’s. Emily reminds her that the plan was clear.
Nolan cannot fix Gordon’s phone. His partner is quite the snoop, she wants to help him work late and he bails to of course help Emily. Emily talks to Jack who seems less than relieved to actually be a father. He thanks her for agreeing to be in his baby’s life and for always having his back. You can actually see how awful she feels about this, it’s the only time her face cracks any emotion.
Victoria tells Conrad he shouldn’t be near her. He of course doesn’t listen and now he tells her that summer is a long way off, she has a lot of time to deal with him. Nolan goes home to Emily’s and the British man attacks him. Emily assures him that he is okay, she switches the SIM cards on the phone and tells Nolan to come back tomorrow and she’ll explain. The British man agrees to trade everything Gordon had on him when he died for Victoria’s flight records. He reminds her again that he is not the enemy. His name as Aidan and when they were in training together they were romantically involved. He was planning to leave and she was going to accompany him. She bids him farewell again. She checks the pocket watch she found on the body that she did not give him and sure enough there is a picture of her mother, or so I’m guessing, and it’s the same woman from the hotel.
Nolan is planning to stay elsewhere for a few days. He’s starting to feel left out of this operation. Emily tells him Gordon is dead, and that he knew her mother intimately.
Amanda is off for another shopping spree with Amanda, a man shows up with Declan’s ID to talk to Jack. Emily makes her way in to the Grayson’s press event to make sure Amanda drops off the journal. Daniel tells her he wasn’t the one who asked her to steer clear, and a security officer hands Daniel an ID for Veronica Clark about faking her own death. And now Daniel knows the truth.
Jack and the man confront Declan for stealing. The man tells them all will be forgotton if Declan just returns what he took.
Victoria is being interviewed about her ordeal when Charlotte bursts in accusing her of hiding the truth about her father. Daniel confronts Conrad about his mothers lying. They all gather in the living room. Everyone knew but Daniel. Victoria again tries to spin everything in her direction. She sees Emily is at the event which just fuel her even more. Daniel apologizes and this may be something they can bond over in the future. Emily tells Amanda she needs to stay and watch this. She tells the press that Charlotte is her mistake from her affair with David Clark. Conrad receives a phone call about how he will be enlisted soon to help out with keeping this under wraps. Him and Daniel join Victoria and Charlotte on stage and so does Amanda, just in time for Jack to see them all on television. Secret’s out. Daniel agrees to put everything behind them but you can tell he isn’t sincere. Conrad told the reporter that him and Victoria are getting remarried. The phone call he received was from the assassins Victoria enlisted, so he tells her they have to stay on track or else he is dead which obviously would not be good.
Jack is waiting for Amanda. He understands that Amanda wants to have a relationship with her sister and he explains he is more than willing to commit to their child but he cannot commit to her.
Adian admits that he delivered the ID to the Grayson’s. He reminds her they used to be one in the same. We go back to the maze where they were supposed to meet. He was gone before she could say goodbye. She likes to hold grudges and can’t trust him. He leaves her an object on her porch before he goes. She goes inside and listens to the messages she extracted from the phone. She finds out her mother loved Gordon.

What, no voice over at the end? EW!

Best of the episode: Jack breaking up with Amanda! ’bout time!

Worst of the episode: The tension between Nolan and Emily. Why can’t they just be friends already!

Where this episode leaves us: Emily now has a little more information on her mother which will lead her to cause more problems. It’s ongoing.

Best one-liner: Jack- “I cannot commit to you.” YAY.

What this episode ruined for us: Broken cell phones.


Holler, Jordan


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