Once Upon A Time – Lady of the Lake

S02xE03 – Story One: We’re in the Enchanted Forest and King George aka Prince Charming’s sort of father, has hired a new right-hand man calling him Leviathan, but we know him as Lancelot. He’s been hired to hunt Snow down and bring her before the King. Snow and Charming have been plotting to overthrow King George as well as the Evil Queen. So Lancelot does as he’s asked and the King offers her a drink. But this drink has been poisoned with a curse that renders her barren, like his own cursed wife. King George releases Snow, and Lancelot not agreeing with the King’s actions decides to terminate his service to the King and make amends with Snow by staying with her. It is soon realized that the King will attack Charming next by hurting those close to him, which would be his mother. So Snow and Lancelot rush toward Charming’s family cabin.

Charming and his mother are at the cabin when the King’s men have arrived and Charming manages to defeat them all, but not before his mother has been shot with a poisoned arrow. Snow and Lancelot make it there just after his mother’s injury. Not wanting to let his mother die, Charming recalls the water he once used at Lake Nostos with its healing powers. They set forth on the one day’s travel. Along the way Charming’s mother learns of Snow’s curse after attempting to perform a gypsy trick on Snow with a pendant that will tell of the child’s sex she will bare even before she is pregnant. The pendant is to move north to south if it’s a boy, and east to west if it’s a girl. For Snow though it doesn’t move at all. Charming’s mother assures Snow that if the water’s can heal her poisoned body, they can surely heal Snow from her curse. But as they finally reach the lake, they find that it has dried up. They look for any lasting remnants of the water, and Lancelot finds a small shell holding a tiny bit of water. They give it to Charming’s mother and she drinks, but she’s not improving. Her last wish before she dies is to see her son marry Snow, Lancelot is able to perform the ceremony of which a tradition is presented that they share a drink from the same cup. As the ceremony ends, Charming’s mother dies. Charming takes the pendant from his mother’s body and tells Snow of its ability. She already knows, and goes to tell Charming about her curse, but she then sees the pendant is moving east to west. They are going to have a girl. Charming’s mother never drank the magic water.

Story Two: Emma and Mary Margaret are trapped in a hole in Fairytale Land with Cora, who Mary Margaret informs Emma is more evil than Regina. Cora assures them she is of no harm, and has no magic since the curse. The women are then summoned to above ground to meet the leader of the refuge and it happens to be Lancelot. Mary Margaret is so happy to see him, and they talk of the portals to the other world no longer existing. Mary Margaret says she may know of one, but won’t say. She says she will travel, and Lancelot enlists the help of Mulan, as there are ogre’s in the forests. They set forth on their travel to Snow’s home, the castle. Emma is unfamiliar with the lands of course, and doesn’t fully understand the dangers of the forest. Only when she encounters an ogre and is nearly crushed, does she fully understand the forest’s dangers. Meanwhile Aurora has followed them as she has intentions of killing Mary Margaret. She believes Mary Margaret is the reason Prince Philip is dead. But the attempt Aurora makes on her fails miserably, and she is now left to travel with them.

They finally make it to the castle, but it’s in ruins. When they enter the nursery Snow had made for a baby Emma, there they find the wardrobe portal that Geppetto had made to send Emma and Snow to the other world. Only Snow was never able to go. The portal is now dead, and they must figure out how to get it working again. Lancelot shows up offering his help. He tells them he went after them once he heard about the ogre attack. He just wants to help them to get back to Henry. Mary Margaret realizes what’s up, because they only told one person of Henry, and that was Cora. Cora reveals herself and informs them that she killed Lancelot long ago and has been posing as him since. She also lets it be known that she wants the wardrobe for herself so she can go to Storybrooke and try to reconcile with Regina. Emma defuses that intention by lighting the portal on fire. Mulan and Aurora join in the fight with Mary Margaret and this scares Cora off for the time being.  Mulan states that they don’t have a leader now that Lancelot is dead, and she nominates Snow. Snow accepts with the sole intent that they find a way back to Storybrooke. As they leave the castle we see Cora return and scoop up a handful of ash from the burnt portal, you see she still has a plan of some sort.

Story Three: In Storybrooke David has been taking care of Henry. Henry is insistent upon helping David get to Fairytale Land to save Mary Margaret and  Emma, but David doesn’t think it’s wise and sends him off to school instead. But of course Henry doesn’t go. Instead he meets up with the Mad Hatter to see if he can help, but he no longer has the magic to do so. And tells Henry to ask Regina about her vault. the Mad Hatter is clearly preoccupied with his own problem of his daughter. He’s worried that if he reunites with her, she will be angry with him for leaving her. Henry with his wisdom beyond his age, tells the Mad Hatter to go to his daughter, she’s clearly looking for him, and he has nothing to fear.

So now that Henry has received vital information from the Mad Hatter, he calls Regina saying he would like to meet for lunch, and as she leaves her office, Henry sneaks in steals her keys, and heads down to her vault. Just as he’s about to meet his end with a box full of poisonous snakes, David the hero, saves Henry and realizes he should probably let Henry help out. We then see the Mad Hatter watching children unload from a school bus, and he sees his daughter, calls her name, and she rushes into his arms. She’s not so angry, like he thought. We end with David having bought Henry a couple wooden swords, and he tells Henry he needs to prepare himself if he’s going to help out. So as they’re play fighting their way through the town, we see King George or as he’s known in Storybrooke, District Attorney Spencer looking in on David and Henry from his car. I’m thinking this feud is going to extend into Storybrooke now.

Best of the episode: Emma being out of her element. It was intriguing to see how her street smarts stood up to Mary Margaret’s magic forest smarts. Emma didn’t come out on top, but at least she knows now that it’s all for real.

Worst of the episode: The Mulan and Aurora storyline. I feel like it’s a weak story right now.

Where did this episode leave us?: Wanting to know how they are going to get Emma and Mary Margaret back, I somehow see a portal of some sort being formed, that may be like a door you can go back and forth through between the worlds. I’m also curious to see what DA Spencer is going to do with David, because you know something is going to happen there.

Best one-liner: Mulan – “Have you ever seen an ogre?”
Emma – “I’m pretty sure I’ve dated a few.”

What the episode ruined for us: Ogres. They’re supposed to look like Shrek aren’t they?


– a la Chryshele


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