The Vampire Diaries – Growing Pains

S04xE01 Elena is now in transition to become a vampire as a result of her decision to have Stefan save Matt before her in the car accident. The unfortunate part was that Elena was prepared to die, but didn’t know she already had vampire blood in her system from a previous injury. Now she has to decide if she wants to feed or die. Stefan offers one other option, but it’s unlikely it will work. And that is to have Bonnie try and reverse her death through magic. Elena decides to hold off on the feeding or dying to see if Bonnie can pull it off, and Damon is visibly and vocally upset about this decision. Really he’s upset about the whole situation, and expresses his opinion that Stefan should have let Matt die and saved Elena first.

The founding family counsel is now aware of who the vampires are in the town thanks to Alaric. So the town priest has taken it upon himself to be the law in the town, and with the counsel’s backing he seems to get away with it. So they set about to collect the vampires they know of, and detain the ones that are “harboring” them, such as the sheriff and the mayor.

Meanwhile Klaus who has taken over Tyler’s body is now ready to return to his own body, but needs Bonnie’s help. She’s not so willing, especially now that she needs to try and save Elena. Klaus isn’t too receptive to this news, until Bonnie explains that if she’s able to save Elena, then his blood source to create his hybrids will remain intact. This entices Klaus and he lets Bonnie try.

So far the counsel has succeeded in rounding up a couple of the vampires, namely Caroline and Rebekah. It doesn’t look good for them until Klaus receives a phone call from Tyler’s mother warning him of the counsel’s actions and that they have taken Caroline. Klaus tracks down the vehicles responsible and rescues Caroline, but leaves his sister. Caroline who thought Tyler is dead is so happy to see him. She begins to go as far as have sex with Tyler, but something slips out of his mouth and boom, Caroline knows it’s Klaus. No sex time now.

The counsel has shown up at Elena’s home, and manages to detain Stefan, but not Damon. They take Elena into custody for her own safety from the vampires, unaware that she’s about to become one herself. Through this transition, Elena’s emotions are heightened, and she’s able to recall memories in a vivid way. She’s remembering things that she wouldn’t if she were still alive and human. On top of the heightened emotions, her senses are also heightened, and the simple sound of a buzzing lamp irritates her. So when she’s detained by the priest, the sounds and smells are too much for her to take and she bolts. This alerts the priest to believe she’s a vampire. He’s not half wrong. So now she is locked up in a cell/cage in the barn along with a couple other vampires who happen to be Stefan and Rebekah. Elena isn’t doing so well, she hasn’t fed yet, and now she’s locked up with no human blood in sight. Rebekah is a little too happy to find this out. She was the one who tried to kill Elena and Matt afterall.

Bonnie is attempting to reverse Elena’s death, but it isn’t working. The spirits aren’t letting her succeed. So she comes up with one other option. Let herself die and try to bring Elena’s spirit back from the other side. Elena is in transition, so her spirit is likely to be on one side and her body on the other. Sure this sounds about right. So as Bonnie ends her life to find Elena, and does so, her grandmother’s spirit shows up telling her to stop. Bonnie using black magic is not the way to fix the situation, and Bonnie could end up stuck in the form she’s in now. She reluctantly obeys her grandmother, and goes back to the living side of things, without obtaining Elena’s spirit. So now it looks like Elena’s only option at this point is to die for real.

Elena is quickly fading, and Stefan can tell it’s near the end, so when Damon shows up to use Matt as bait to release Elena and Stefan, it doesn’t go so well, and the guards come in to the barn to prepare for another prisoner. Stefan takes advantage of this situation and kills a guard leaving his blood to pool in front of Elena’s next door cell. She’s got just enough life in her to weakly touch the pool of blood and taste of it. She’s now a vampire.

Damon this entire time has been mad at Matt as if it’s his fault that Elena is in the situation she’s in. This is why he’s used Matt as bait. Damon is ready to kill Matt believing this will make him feel better, and as he’s about to do so, out comes a freshly vampirized Elena to stop him. Well what’s done is done now, no going back from here.

Back to Klaus, he’s again with Bonnie threatening to now kill Tyler and jump into another’s body if she doesn’t put him back into his own body. Bonnie tries telling him there’s no way to do so now that she’s upset the spirits with her stunt for Elena’s sake. Klaus as usual isn’t one to listen, and proceeds to start killing Tyler’s body. So Bonnie gives in and performs the spell. She succeeds, but she now has to pay the consequence for using the black magic. Her grandma shows up again and tells her she warned her, and now she’s being punished for Bonnie’s actions. I’m not sure what exactly happened to her, since she’s already dead, but it looked like her spirit was consumed by the black magic. I’m guessing that’s not good.

So now we see that Tyler has his own body back, but at what cost? And Klaus is now back in his body, preparing to take off with the last of Elena’s blood he has saved. That is until his loving sister Rebekah shows up. She’s upset he left her behind to get locked up in the barn, and is further upset that after everything she’s done for him, he continues to be selfish in his ways. So she does the only thing she can to hurt him and that’s to destroy his remaining bags of blood. That did the trick.

We wrap up with Elena and Stefan sitting on the roof of her house discussing what life will be like now. She had confessed that she still loved him and always will back in the cell when she was dying, and she repeats her feelings to him on the roof. She will be with him forever…if she wants to. Stefan then gives her a daylight ring that Bonnie had made earlier for her just in case. Things may be semi-ok now.

Best of the episode: Elena confessing her feelings for Stefan. I know there is this back and forth thing with Elena, and it still may be questionable whether she loves only Stefan, but I think they are good together. Damon is a loose cannon, but a hot one at that. It will be interesting to see how things go now that Elena is a vampire.

Worst of the episode: The tiring Klaus storyline. We get it he’s evil and wants only what he wants. And now that he can’t have it, I’m hoping his time is closing in.

Where did this episode leave us: Wondering if now that Elena is a vampire, will her feelings for Stefan remain? Will she be able to have the control to refrain from killing everyone in sight? And will Damon try to influence her into his way of thinking?

Best one-liner: Caroline after finding out Tyler is Klaus – “I need to sanitize my mouth.”

What this episode ruined for us: More hybrids. Which is a good thing.


– a la Chryshele


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