The Big Bang Theory – The Hibbs Boson Observation


S06xE03 – Bernadette and Howard are having a skype date, he’s about to go all Jack Nicholson a la The Shining on her where he is stir crazy.  He asks her for a favor.  He misses gravity and wants to watch something fall.  It’s like porn for him.

Penny brings over a package that arrives from Sheldon’s mom and he tips Penny a dollar.  Such a sweet boy.  It’s all of his journals and research papers he wrote as a boy including a potty training journal.  He asks Penny if she is familiar with Hibbs Boson, she pretends and then admits that no, she isn’t.  Dr. Hibbs submitted a theory, it was dismissed and now it is relevant, so Sheldon is going to try and go through old paperwork to get his nobel prize!

Sheldon is now auditioning an assistant and offers her a marijuana cigarette.  She declines and he tells her that science is the new drug.  He did a comprehensive background check to make sure she is a good candidate.  Her hearing is fine and she’s clear of all parking tickets.  She compliments him and BOOM she’s hired.

Raj and Leonard meet Sheldon and new girl for lunch.  Raj is enamored and loses his ability to speak.  Her name is Alex and Leonard apologizes.  Raj calls dibs and he loves her!

Howard’s way home has been delayed so he has to stay.  He is worried the Russian’s are planning on leaving him up there.  He only has three tums left.  Bernadette reminds him this isn’t as bad as some of the times they’ve spent with his mother.

Penny gives Amy a makeup lesson.  Red lipstick = man-eater.  She shows her how to use an eyelash curler, it terrifies her.  Amy facetimes Sheldon and gets Alex on the line.  Immediate jealousy arises because Alex will not let her speak to Sheldon.  Sheldon advised to only take calls from Stephen Hawking, his mother or himself from the future.  Penny reassures Amy that she does not have to worry at all.  Amy worries that Alex will fall in love with Sheldon.

Amy and Penny go to Sheldon’s office to track down the new assistant.  He isn’t there and Amy starts licking things to get her scent around his office.  Sheldon, Leonard and Raj are at lunch.  They invite Alex to sit with them and Raj cannot seem to talk to Alex.  She seems mostly to get along with Leonard.  This could pose a huge problem…Amy and Penny realize this, Penny now has things to worry about.

Bernadette suggests to Howard to talk to someone because of his anxiety.  He is seriously losing it.

Amy tries to console Penny.  Penny says things are okay but her face says differently.  She loves Leonard, he’s sweet and tries in the bedroom.  But she is only slightly bothered, especially where she isn’t sure where her relationship with Leonard is.

Penny goes over to Leonard’s after work and tries to coax him into telling her about his day.  Sheldon comes home and brings Alex.  They have found Sheldon’s possible entry for his nobel prize!  This causes Penny to want to jump Leonard’s bones.  Hmmmm.

Bernadette is talking to Howard again, but this time Howard is high as a kite. The astronaut bullies were kind of nice to him this time and gave him a shot to calm him down. It looks like Howard might make it home semi-sane.

Best of the episode: Seeing Penny jealous. FINALLY.

Worst of the episode: I’m still not swooning over Howard and Bernadette with him being gone, bring him home.

Where did this episode leave us: I’m pretty sure that Penny is going to have to make a decision. Do we want another Priya?

Best one-liner: Howard to Bernadette about being left in space- “They left dogs up here in the 60’s”.

What this episode ruined for us: Gravity.


Holler, Jordan


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