The Middle – Bunny Therapy

S04xE03 – Mike and Frankie are called into Brick’s school, and they think that maybe he’s made it to the yellow group. Nope Brick’s got a new tick. He does? They haven’t noticed. We then get a montage of moments with Brick’s new tick, and the family not realizing. I don’t know how they couldn’t because now he “whoops”. So the teacher tells them that Brick should see a psychologist, and in rolls Dave Foley. Literally. On a chair. They’re told that Brick should get a pet and learn how to socialize with the pet, and then he will be able to move onto people from there. This should solve his issues with ticks. So Frankie gets Brick a bunny, but he’s not too excited about it.

Meanwhile Sue is trying out for the school mascot, now that there’s an opening. So to practice she’s been wearing a box on her head with two eye holes carved out. Axl is overly excited about this box on Sue’s head. Sue sees that Brick got a bunny and is jealous, to which Brick says Sue can have it, and she names it Bugs. I would name a bunny that too, it’s pretty much awesome.

Axl has homecoming around the corner, and has been dating a girl. But as his friends point out, he isn’t dating just one, it seems he’s dating two, and that they’ve actually heard through the rumor mill that he’s really dating the friend of the girl he thinks he’s dating. Confused yet? Axl is. So he devises a plan to figure out which girl he’s really dating. He tries several different ways; he asks the girls if they should double date and it backfires, he calls over the intercom for his girlfriend to come to the office, but crazy Ashley shows up, and then when it’s actually the night of the dance, he holds out a corsage, and neither go for it. He’s pretty much screwed. So Axl decides it’s not worth it and kisses one of the girls. They both slap him, and he’s still not sure why. Neither of them say anything clear to make him know the truth. Looks like Axl is dateless for the dance. Maybe crazy Ashley will go with him.

During Axl’s debacle, we discover that Brick/Sue’s bunny is evil. It bites and growls, and it’s eyes are red. It’s possessed. Sue has gone to her try out for the mascot and she was the only one to show up, so her chances are pretty good. While she’s waiting for her phone call, the bunny gets loose, and everyone is up off the ground leaving Mike to try and catch it. The phone rings and Sue makes her way to it and finds out she got the job. She’s the new mascot! Mike catches evil Bugs and throws him in the bathroom. Good thing they have more than one.

Frankie sits down with Brick after realizing they never talk to him, and tries to find out why he’s now “whooping”. Turns out he’s not really sure himself, and though they all thought the “whoop” had replaced the whisper tick, we learn that Brick actually has three ticks. On top of the two we know of, Brick also has to say the Pledge of Allegiance 20 times before going to sleep. This kid has issues and Frankie is at a loss on how to handle it.

The big homecoming game is here, and the Hecks are in full spirits to cheer on not only Axl, but Sue as well. And to be honest, Sue actually kills it as the mascot. She’s finally found something she’s good at. Too bad no one knows it’s her. We’re down to the final play and the whole field is silent, and then Brick “whoops”. Embarrassing! Some jerk asks them to shut Brick up because he’s been doing it the entire game, and Frankie responds by “whooping” herself. Mike joins in and they tell the jerk that’s how they cheer. Frankie and Mike win this round. The final play is done, and Axl and his team have won the game. Everything is right in the world. For now.

Best of the episode: Sue being good at something. As weird as she is, she deserves to have something to brag about. Even if it is playing a chicken.

Worst of the episode: Evil Bugs Bunny. They’re supposed to be cute and cuddly! Right?

Where did this episode leave us?: Wanting to know what they do with the bunny in the end. I’m hoping they were humane.

Best one-liner: Axl – “Yes thank you! Finally made Sue wear a box on her head. I’ve been pushing this for years.”

What the episode ruined for us: Bunnies


– a la Chryshele


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