Parenthood – There’s Something I Need To Tell You…

S04xE05 – Julia is clearly frazzled at work, and you can hear it in her voice when she calls Joel to tell him she can’t make Sydney’s dance rehearsal. Sydney in her usual brat-like manner gets upset and says she hates Julia. Jasmine and Crosby are talking finances because Crosby spent $400 on clothes. Sheesh! The discussion leads to Jasmine learning that Crosby makes less than Adam when they’re both owners of the company. Jasmine thinks Crosby should talk to Adam about it. Kristina is looking at pictures of Haddie at school when Amber stops by to “help” Max, but it’s really to see if Kristina is ok. Well now Kristina knows Adam said something to Amber. Sarah is with Hank developing pictures, and Hank tells Sarah that Ruby wants to come stay with him while her mom is away for a couple weeks. Hank thanks Sarah for the help in improving his relationship with Ruby, and then he kisses her! That’s one way to say thank you. Sarah doesn’t really stop the kiss at first, but then pulls away. The tension is thick!

Julia stayed at work all night because she screwed up a case and it could cost her firm a client, and possibly her job. She looks like hell. Victor asks Julia if she will make his baseball game and she says yes, and now Sydney is upset because she doesn’t think it’s fair. Kristina says that since Adam has told Amber, that they should tell Haddie about her cancer. Sarah is being weird and wants to go jogging with Mark all of a sudden. She’s feeling guilty. Crosby awkwardly talks to Adam about his pay, and Adam is impatient as he tries to spit it out, and then when Crosby finally gets it out, Adam isn’t very receptive about the discussion.

Adam and Kristina tell Haddie over skype that she has cancer, and Haddie is visibly upset, but they tell her not to worry and focus on herself and her school work. Julia goes and grovels to the opposing counsel asking for them to look the other way on her mistake, and when they say no, she gives a sob story about adopting Victor. She thinks that just may fix it. Zeek goes and checks on his military buddy Ryan who helped him with the sprinklers, because he hasn’t shown to the VA for a few days and missed a job interview. But when he talks to him about it, Ryan tells Zeek to butt out. Haddie calls Adam saying that she isn’t handling the news very well, because she doesn’t have all the information. So Adam gives her the details. She then asks how Adam is doing, and he puts on a good front, but you see he’s having just as hard a time. Adam and Kristina then tell Max about her cancer, and he seemingly takes it better than Haddie.

Julia has a panic attack in the kitchen over work and burns the breakfast. Joel to the rescue, before she burns down the house. Camille consoles Zeek over how he was treated by Ryan and talk about how grateful they are to have had each other at the time when Zeek was serving. Amber is helping Max with his posters for student counsel president. Max asks Amber what makes her a grown up because his parent’s told him he needs to act more grown up. I’m not sure when they said this? I may have missed something. Sarah talks to Hank about the kiss, and he blows it off saying she was too close to him. Sarah’s not going for it, and Hank admits he meant it, and that he likes her. Zeek goes and tries again with Ryan and invites him to a baseball game. Ryan is expecting big league, and instead it’s Victor’s baseball game. There Ryan is introduced to the whole family, and sparks fly between him and Amber. It’s obvious something will happen.

Julia gets a call that she has to go into work, looks like she’s not gonna see Victor’s gig either. Crosby confronts Adam again about his salary, and ends up calling Adam a jackass, which I guess worked, because he said they’ll address it. Only if Crosby knew what Adam was going through. Victor’s not getting put in the game and Zeek’s upset about it, actually the entire family is, so Zeek causes a scene with the coach, and after a passionate talk about just having fun and it doesn’t matter if they win or lose, the coach puts him in the game. Victor goes up to bat and strikes twice and ends up hitting the ball on the third try, and with the crappy play of the other team, Victor runs the bases and gets a homerun. Go Victor! This will help his self esteem.

Julia has to sit in front of the board and get reprimanded for her screw up, and is given a second chance, but she ends up quitting her job. Holy crap! She’s the breadwinner! The family is celebrating the game at a diner and Ryan talks it up with Amber, oh how the sparks are flying. Sarah asks Mark to move in with her. She’s trying to make herself feel better over what happened, and I don’t think it’s going to work. Haddie shows up where they’re eating (how did she know where they were?) and everyone’s surprised to see her. More so Kristina than anyone else. It looks like they’re going to have to tell the family what’s up. So we end the show with another beautiful wordless scene as you see the reactions of the family to Kristina’s news. And the tears are streaming.

Best of the episode: The baseball game and the the entire family rooting for Victor. It was great to see Zeek out there yelling at the coach calling Victor his grandson. That helped Victor to see that they really are his family.

Worst of the episode: Julia’s weird break down in the kitchen. I found it over-dramatic and confusing.

Where did this episode leave us?: Sarah having to break it to Mark at some point that she has feelings for Hank. Amber and Ryan are going to get together, which could be a good thing for them both. Haddie left school, is she going to go back? My guess is she will after the surgery.

Best one-liner: Camille – “It was a long time before you came back to me.” Zeek – “Thank God I had someone to come back to.”

What the episode ruined for us: The thought of making it one episode without crying.


– a la Chryshele


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