Hawaii Five-0 – Lana I Ka Moana (Adrift)

S03xE03 – Danny and McGarrett are spending their day fishing in the open ocean while talking about McGarrett having Catherine searching for his mom. The talks get into whether Catherine is McGarrett’s girlfriend or not, to which it’s of course denied by McGarrett, and then the reel starts to jolt and Danny’s caught his first fish! The excitement doesn’t last long though when they see a man stranded on a dingy. I know it’s a dingy, because it was discussed multiple times on it’s actual name. They help the guy onto their boat, and notice that he’s covered in blood. He then pulls a gun on them and makes them jump out of their boat, shoots the dingy so it starts to deflate, and then takes off with the boat. What a jerk. So now the boys are stranded in the middle of the ocean, but never fear McGarrett hones McGyver’s spirit and pulls a fixer on the quickly deflating dingy. He slows the leak, and they get in. Danny is freaking out blaming McGarrett, telling him that he’s nothing but trouble. He’s kind of right, but not entirely. McGarrett decides he’s going to tow the dingy toward shore, and starts to do so when a tiger shark appears. Crap. McGarrett barely makes it back in the dingy before his legs are gone. As they’re drifting along, Danny begins to freak out again, McGarrett asks him what the real problem is, why he hates the water so much, and we find out it’s because when Danny was a kid, he and his friend were out playing in the water, and Danny got stuck, so his friend went out to help him, got himself into some trouble and was sucked under the water. They found him floating dead three miles from where he disappeared, so ever since, Danny has not liked the water. It all makes sense now. While they’re talking, they find they’ve drifted toward a boat, so they paddle themselves to it, and find that it’s empty. Odd. Once they get on, they see it’s not entirely empty, there’s a dead body down below deck. It’s obvious that this is where the hijacker came from. Looks like he’s now a murderer.

Meanwhile Catherine is getting worried, because she was supposed to pick the guys up from the dock hours ago, so they do a search and see the boat is docked, but not even close to where it should have been. Chin, Catherine and Kono go out to see the boat, and find that all of Danny and McGarrett’s belongings are still on the boat, but so is a bloody shirt. They worry it’s one of the guys’ blood. Luckily they find out it isn’t and that the fingerprints they found on the boat belong to a Gill Skates, a recently unemployed security guard.

Back on the ocean and dead man’s boat, McGarrett, and Danny are trying to get the boat started without any luck, both engines have seized. While McGarrett is trying to repair the engines, Danny sees the Coast Guard coming their way. They’re saved! But are they? The Coast Guard boards the boat and takes both McGarrett and Danny into custody believing they’ve killed the dead guy on the boat, and not believing they’re law enforcement. Which is a valid thing not to believe when they don’t have their badges with them. The Coast Guard do their checks on the guys’ credentials and they check out, of course. Handcuffs come off, and the case is turned over to Five-0. Sweet!

Now that McGarrett and Danny are back on land, Danny could not be more thrilled. They do their crime scene investigating, and get an ID off the dead guy. Kono goes to give the bad news to the new widow, and we find out that Gill Skates used to be the security guard for their neighborhood. Turns out he was stalking Katie Burgess (widow) and she told her husband Al Burgess (dead guy) and he got Gill fired. But this doesn’t explain why Gill would be on a boat with Al. Well seems that Al didn’t know what Gill looked like, so now it’s making more sense as to why they would be on a boat together. Gill was acting interested in buying Al’s boat.

Kono and Chin are staking out the last known location for Gill, and they start to talk about Adam. Chin doesn’t trust Adam, and goes off on how he’s dangerous when Kono tells Chin that Adam is trying to turn his father’s business legit. Kono gets upset about what Chin is saying to her and goes for coffee. Just after she’s left the car, Gill walks by. Chin goes after him and chases him to the roof of I believe a hotel or apartment building, but Gill is ready and waiting and knocks Chin over the edge of the building. Kono comes back with her coffee, notices the signs of a chase, and sees Chin hanging off the side of the building. She catches Gill running back down the stairs, and apprehends him, then goes and saves Chin. She’s a tough lady!

Now that they have Gill in custody, McGarrett and Danny question him and with Kono’s help figure out that Gill was in cahoots with Katie to kill Al for the insurance money, because Katie and Al had a pre-nup and she would get nothing in the divorce that Al wanted. Gill unfortunately was set up himself, because the boat was rigged to fail out in the ocean. The real plan or Katie’s plan, was for Gill to kill Al, get stranded, and Katie get away with the whole thing. Good thing it didn’t work that way. Five-0 convinced Gill to get Katie to confess over the phone, which she does, but Al’s sister Jenny overhears the conversation. By the time Five-0 gets to the Burgess house, Jenny has taken the situation into her own hands and killed Katie. Well I guess justice was served in some way. Five-0 celebrates like they do after their case by eating Danny’s tuna fish he caught, sushi style. Yum.

Best of the episode: The banter between Danny and McGarrett while they’re stranded out at sea. Those two have hilarious chemistry.

Worst of the episode: That McGarrett can’t fully admit Catherine is his girlfriend. He’s gotta play the tough guy, doesn’t want to show his soft side I guess.

Where this episode leaves us: Knowing why Danny doesn’t like the water, and not knowing where McGarrett’s mother has disappeared to on the island. We are also left wondering when McGarrett is going to make it official with Catherine, she likes him a lot.

Best one-liner: Danny to McGarrett – “What else bad do you think can happen? I mean if we’re lucky maybe we will have a trial at sea and they’ll make us walk the plank.”

What this episode ruined for us: Boats


– a la Chryshele


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