Go On – Big League Chew

S01xE06 – Ryan’s out to dinner with what looks like himself, when he runs into Lauren. Ryan notices two glasses, and knows that he’s about to meet the allusive Wyatt that Lauren has been dating for three years. Wyatt immediately takes a liking to Ryan, and it seems the feeling is mutual. Lauren is asking Ryan to not make this weird, and he promises, but then the rest of the group shows up and it looks like it’s their monthly outing night. Mr. K comments on Wyatt’s teeth and then asks for one. Yeah they’re gonna make it weird. Just as Lauren and Wyatt are about to leave, Wyatt plays a guess who’s who game, and got them all nearly right. Uh oh. Lauren’s in trouble.

So the next day at group, after they all make fun of Ryan for eating his grief away (donuts anyone?), they all ask Lauren if Wyatt can visit. She’s really reluctant about it, because she doesn’t want to mix her personal life with her professional. But they’re upset because she’s shared everything about them with Wyatt, and think it’s only fair Wyatt share everything about her in return. She really doesn’t have a valid argument anymore.

Next group day, Ryan witnesses Danny getting out of a muscle car, with some punk behind the wheel. Turns out it’s Danny’s wife’s boyfriend. You know the one who knocked up his wife and is now living with them. Ryan can’t understand how Danny can be so happy when his life is complete shit.  So when Danny needs a ride home, Ryan helps out and asks him that very question and Danny tells Ryan about his town Harborville that exists in his mind. There are 700 people and he knows every one of them by name. Yeah it’s a little creepy, but he seems genuinely happy in Harborville, so who’s to argue? Well Ryan is. He tells Danny he needs to snap out of it and deal with his situation. Living in an imaginary world isn’t going to solve his problem with punk boy. A little harsh Ryan.

Ryan continues on his food binge while at work. He’s eating potato chips on the air, and no one can understand him. Wonder why? At group later that day, the refreshments have been removed and replaced with hugs. Ryan’s not too keen on this, but is excited as well as the rest of the group when Lauren tells them Wyatt is visiting. They then proceed to discuss everything about her in detail, with the key points placed on the whiteboard. Basically the main topic is Lauren’s butt. Once Wyatt leaves, they all start to question whether Lauren really loves him, and it makes sense, she’s not entirely affectionate or passionate about him. They point out she’s more passionate about the Snickers bar than she is about Wyatt. Chocolate always wins in my book.

So when Lauren is in bed and Wyatt tells her “I love you” and she can’t repeat it, she kind of wigs out and heads to Ryan’s place to prove her love of Wyatt. At Ryan’s house everyone has shown up with comfort foods, to perform calorie aversion therapy, or as Sonia calls it CAT. Owen brings a Kit Kat lasagna, that honestly looks delicious and I think I may have to try. Sonia brings waffle batter, but Ryan doesn’t have a waffle iron, so drinking the batter it is. Yum. Lauren shows up and starts showing pictures on her phone telling Ryan they represent love. Ryan doesn’t really believe it, but gives her a hug, and then asks to puke in front of her. I’m guessing too much Kit Kat lasagna. That’s a shame.

Danny missed out on the all-night binge, and when he gets to group he’s on a bicycle, and no smile on his face. Ryan sees this and goes to apologize to Danny about what he said, and then asks to hear about Harborville. Danny says they’ll take a visit there, but first he wants Ryan to help him sledgehammer punk boy’s car. Although they just graffiti the car instead, it’s a bonding moment.  We end with Danny and Ryan walking about Harborville, and it actually looks like a cute little town I wouldn’t mind visiting someday.

Best of the episode: George is back! I don’t know where he’s been, but he was missed.

Worst of the episode: Not knowing the recipe for the Kit Kat lasagna. Seriously it looked like heaven.

Where did this episode leave us: Ryan continuing to make progress in his loss. Hoping George doesn’t leave again, because he’s awesome, and hoping Owen gets more speaking time, because I like him a lot too. We are also left with the notion that something is going to happen between Lauren and Ryan. Why would they focus so much on Wyatt and her love if nothing is going to happen?

Best one-liner: Ryan about his eating – “I ate carrot cake, which is practically a salad.”

What this episode ruined for us: Waffle batter


– a la Chryshele


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