Mike & Molly – Mike Likes Cake

S03xE03 – Molly is upset because none of her wedding pictures turned out. Mainly because Mike can’t keep his eyes open and his mouth closed. Hmm. When Molly informs Mike that he sucks at getting his picture taken, he doesn’t seem too concerned. Probably because he’s too busy eating the piece of wedding cake Molly had saved in the freezer for their one year anniversary. Molly is surprisingly calm about it, I wouldn’t be.

Mike and Carl are talking about Carl thinking of marrying Christina, and they decide to take her lunch. There they meet James Turner, the sports star, and also Christina’s ex-husband. Mike is overly excited and asks for a picture with James, who is all the willing to oblige. Christina informs Carl that she will be going to lunch with James, which obviously makes Carl jealous.

Meanwhile Molly is at work and has Harry editing her wedding video which she plans to show that night to her family and friends, but Harry has made some creepy personal touches to the video and Molly is not enthused. She makes him re-edit the movie to her liking. That night everyone has gathered at the house to watch the video, and Carl is hurt because Christina couldn’t make it. He’s worried that she’s going to leave him. The rest of the group have decided to make a game out of the video. Everyone takes a shot of tequila when they see Mike eating cake. They then broaden it to when they see Mike eating something. Yeah everyone’s going to have to spend the night.

Carl is back at home and has left Christina 15 messages on her phone. He then decides to go over to her place to talk to her, and when she answers the door, she admits she got his messages, but hasn’t listened to all of them yet. That would take a while… Then James sticks his head out the door to make sure she’s ok, and poor Carl is heartbroken. Christina has got back with her ex. Mike and Molly are in bed recounting the day and Mike shows her the picture of him with James. It’s a perfect picture! Molly notes that too, and asks why he can’t take pictures like that with her, and he says because James was an important moment. Oh Mike.

Best of the episode: Seeing how much Mike and Molly really do love each other, mainly Molly. That she can handle Mike’s “perfection” as well as she does when he makes his dumb remarks, and ruins her one year anniversary traditions.

Worst of the episode: All of the fat jokes that seem to be increasing toward Mike. We get it he’s overweight, they both are. But I would assume he still has feelings. And you can get a laugh other ways. The past two episodes proved that.

Where did this episode leave us?: Carl is single again, which is probably for the best. He’s a tad obsessive.

Best one-liner: Molly to Harry when he questions sitting in her classroom when her students come back in – “Tell them you’re a big dumb kid that was held back 20 years. They’ll believe it.”

What the episode ruined for us: Eating at weddings, for fear of your picture being taken.


– a la Chryshele


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