How I Met Your Mother – Nannies


S08xE03 – Barney trying to get over his breakup with Quinn declares Bangtoberfest! Robin thinks he needs to heal, he thinks he needs to bang. Marshall arrives at Maclaren’s and tells Barney, Robin and Ted that Lily’s dad Naked Man Runs Back Into Inferno To Rescue Potato Salad (or Mickey to commoners) just showed up because he blew up his home with Mexican Fireworks (Robin happened to cover the story). Just as he gets to the heart of the story, Lily shows up with Marvin and hands him off to Marshall, they take turns (and Lily left him poopy).
Lily is going back to work Monday and they still don’t have a nanny and Mickey is just not an option. Robin offers her and Nick’s services because their relationship is serious, so now Ted must one-up her. Key made, package signed, tampons left, Ted wins.
The interviewing of nannies is on and there is a plethora of weirdos. They have a nice old lady they love but she’s pricey. Bring on the young ones that don’t know any better.
Ted and Victoria are going to a wedding in Jamaica six months from now. Robin is going to Hawaii in New Years by Nick’s parents. Robin wins. Barney is frustrated that he’s not meeting women for Bangtoberfest like he’s hoped. The parade of nannies is on, Mickey reminds them that he is available. Julie Jorgenson is their pick because she is from Minnesota, her parents own multiple piano stores and her salary is reasonable, until Barney fake hires her for his fake kid and now she won’t associate anyone that knows Barney. Barney explains how he can meet women by hiring a nanny, his wife died from multiple orgasms. Too bad Marshall doesn’t care because he’s busy playing with a racetrack.
Nick is a sensitive girl and Victoria is a slob. They all have their shortcomings. Aw. No clear winner here. Barney called the nanny agency and offered to pay for the sweet old lady that is pricey and also throws in the racetrack. Game on. Oh wait, Lily has a problem letting anyone else watch Marvin. Game off temporarily.
Barney was beat up by Nannies. That is as weird as it sounds.
Lily fell asleep with Marvin in the nursery, but when she wakes up she’s holding a monkey. Mickey showed up, took Marvin for a walk, did a bunch of chores and proved that he can help out. He has always been good with kids, and he reminds Lily with the photo album he grabbed from his house along with potato salad. She hires him on the spot.
Barney gets with one last nanny: sweet old lady. And he LIKES it.

Best of the episode: Seeing the sweetness between Lily and her dad.

Worst of the episode: Robin and Ted had the most boring storyline ever.

Where this episode left us: Sadly nowhere really. We do know that Nick and Robin and Ted and Victoria will break up soon? And I suppose that Micky may become a main character.

Best one-liner: Micky- “What day is your birthday?” Baby Lily- “…today.”

What this episode ruined for us: Organs.


Holler, Jordan.


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