Revenge – Resurrection


S02xE02 – This episode opens like Donnie Darko, complete with “Never Tear Us Apart” humming in the background Okay, that’s the only similarity. Little Emily is driving with her mother, asking questions about her dad. She awakens from a dream and immediately strangles Nolan, she was having a nightmare. I love their friendship. At Grayson Manor Ashley tries to entice Daniel with a game of tennis, he goes on and off about business and Ashley pretends to understand. Oh, she actually does. Emily’s name shows up on his caller ID and Ashley leaves. Emily tells Daniel she doesn’t trust Charlotte’s doctor, he does a google search and all of this false information about him fixing drug test results to manipulate patients surfaces. Emily can even control the internet. And now someone out in the beach is watching her. Charlotte is being evaluated by the doctor, they’re trying to get to the bottom of where her cell phone came from.
Watching the clam cam with Nolan they see the white haired man that killed Emily’s dad giving Charlotte and Victoria new identities. Declan runs into an old school mate on the marina. Nolan is consulting his company via satellite, his business is being audited. Emily asks when he’ll be moving out. Amanda confronts Emily about the baby’s dad, and Amanda isn’t fully convinced that the baby is Jack’s either, but she’ll get the test. Terms? If the baby is Jacks, Emily will back off. Sure, you go ahead and think that.
Conrad meets with Ashley about Daniel, concerned he’s meeting with Emily. Emily and Daniel arrive at the rehab center complete with proof he’s keeping Charlotte against her will. Daniel tries to save the day, Charlotte doesn’t believe him and she asks Emily to take her home, or better yet, to Victoria’s.
Declan is still trying to do his part, Jack isn’t pulling his weight at the bar anymore. He admits to Declan they had a paternity test and Declan tells him he should kick her to the curb if he isn’t the father, but Jack is still fawning over Amanda.
Emily drives Charlotte to Victoria’s, offers to wait for her, but Charlotte tells her that they are planning on leaving the country. Emily takes her to meet with her sister, Amanda, and Charlotte is really excited to be an aunt. And you can see signs of sadness in Emily’s face, this never happens.
Emily delivers Charlotte to Victoria, the money is gone and Victoria flips. She flips even more when she finds out Amanda is back and pregnant. Charlotte is more upset when Victoria tells her she always planned on leaving her behind, Amanda can be her family now. Charlotte and Emily leave.
One of Nolan’s co-workers show up at his house after the audit stating they really need a CFO, but he isn’t buying that.
Conrad tells his colleagues they’re financial issues are behind them, the doctor is among the attendees. Daniel crashes with Ashley, he gets on him for manipulating his sister, draining her bank accounts and for what. The phone rings and it’s Victoria. He seems floored, I would have thought he had some sort of an inkling she was still alive but clearly not.
They meet and some of the first words out of Victoria’s mouth are “hit me”. Uh? And Conrad’s jacket comes off.
Nolan and co-worker are having lunch and going over resumes, she’s very frustrated he doesn’t want to give up any control. He figures it would be easier to just hire her, because he doesn’t want a leader, he wants a partner he can control. So he picks her.
The results of the paternity test are back, Jack wanted to open it together with Amanda. I actually have no idea how this can go. The winner is? He is THE FATHER. And he’s clearly disappointed. And so am I. I have a feeling the results are fixed, just like everything else in this show. AND I WAS RIGHT. She meets with Emily and Emily knows the real results, they switched them. Maury Pauvich points a disapproving finger, he is NOT THE FATHER. But he’ll never know the truth, at least until Emily tells him to create more drama.
Daniel moves Charlotte in, tells her she has the house to herself, he’ll take the pool house to give her her space. He really is going all O.C. on us.
White haired man shows up at Victoria’s to find her bloody and bound. They find the clam cam, she’s framing him so “Conrad” can come in and save the day. He did a number on her face I’ll tell you that. Where Nolan’s been gone all day I wonder if he has the real footage or if it can be linked back to her? Emily turns on the computer in time to see Conrad there talking to the police about Victoria.
I think Ashley is a gold digger, she’s all butt hurt that Daniel gave up the house to Charlotte. Conrad walks in with Victoria, he’s in shock as well and Charlotte is pissed. Victoria whispers to her that its the only way she could get back in. Victoria is concerned that Emily knows everything but Charlotte still maintains that Emily can be completely trusted. And that is going to be Conrad’s cover story for why Charlotte’s money is gone: ransom.
Declan’s friend from the marina visits him as he’s throwing away trash. He gives him a diamond necklace to keep safe. Emily visits Charlotte,t hey need to get their stories straight. She tells Victoria she’s there for her, Daniel offers to walk her out.She receives a call from the white haired man, she offers him the clam cam tape (I will never get tired of saying clam cam). Nolan has seen everything now and Emily wants to protect him, having him move out. Emily now admits to Nolan that she didn’t actually fix the results of the paternity test, Jack really is the father. Declan tells Jack that he will be moving out once he gets the test. Amanda emerges and tells them to turn on the television, Victoria is alive.
Emily and white haired man strike a deal. The tape for the whereabouts of her mother.
Flashback to Victoria meeting with Emily’s mother, telling her that her husband is a terrorist. She doesn’t believe her until Victoria points out the facts. The white haired man takes her mother out of the hospital to kill her, yet he did not. He turns on Emily with a knife, “goodbye Amanda”. yet some stranger shows up and shoots him? Oh, it’s the guy that was watching her on the beach. Clever.

Best of the episode: I was prepared to say that finding out Jack was not the father was, however that went out the window. That’s all I have.

Worst of the episode: Finding out Jack really is the father.

Where did this episode leave us: Jack is going to be a daddy, Emily’s mom is alive I think? And there is some random dude saving her life, who is he and who does he work for?

Best one-liner: Victoria to Conrad- “Hit me.”

What this episode ruined for us: Clams.


Holler, Jordan


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