Grey’s Anatomy – Remember The Time


S08xE02 – We now get the story of what happened after the plane crash leading up to Mark’s death. All of them frantic in the ambulance, Meredith especially asking where Lexie is. Back at home Meredith and Derek are fighting over what is going to happen to them now that his hand is only at 80% and she doesn’t want to go to Harvard because that is too much change. She wants her family to stay here even though Alex and Christina are planning on leaving.
Sloan is in a coma-like state. Avery is filling in for Sloan and keeping him “posted” with all of his status updates. Kepner states she’s leaving now that she has no reason to really stay here. Arizona won’t lose her leg and Sloan will be fine, Meredith is uber positive. Christina however is in a state of something, she won’t even talk. She is a danger, she throws things and won’t help, they want to move her to psych. Meredith pleads for her to talk, she doesn’t want her to end up on the psych floor.
Derek needs surgery on his hand and he wants Callie to perform the surgery. She wants to take risks and that’s what he needs right now. He isn’t ready to go back into the OR, so the current surgery that he’s enlisted on he’ll have to sit out, however he can’t stop himself from interjecting from the door.
Sloan wakes up and Derek and him discuss his situation. Sloan builds him up completely, tells him that 80% isn’t good enough.
The Chief/Owen goes to visit Christina, she tries to become violent with him and he just hugs her, tells her everything will be okay. Easy for him to say, he’s not the one with all the interns gawking at him, though they do describe her as a legend so there’s that.
As he is busy bathing Christina trying to talk to her and get her to respond she describes to him the trauma she’s been through, how she was awake through the ordeal and can’t bear the thought of what she’s lost. Her sadness is outstanding. She bucks up and tells Meredith she’s out, she hates being here where all the bad things happen. She takes off to Minnesota with Mr. Feeny. And did I miss something? Has it only been five years?? Why did Meredith say “five years ago” this is bugging me.
Sloan’s girlfriend shows up at his bedside, and he admits that he’s in love with dead Lexie. Callie is still at his bedside so Derek offers to stay the night with him and tells Callie to go home and get some sleep. She’s worried that if she leaves he is going to die but Derek assures her all will be well. He calls her back in when Sloan wakes up. They refer to it as the surge, the second-wind you get before you die in terminal cases. Sloan seems to be aware of this. He then gives Avery his blessing and tells him to bring his daughter Sophia down, sneak her into ICU. As he rushes up there, Kepner tells Avery she is leaving now that Sloan is better, she needs to wait for him at Joe’s bar.
Sloan begins to get worse, he doesn’t want to worry Derek because he has to go into surgery, he also doesn’t want to worry Callie because she is performing the surgery. He starts to decline.
Arizona’s story, she has an infection and the doctor suggests she lose her leg. She says before she’s drugged she gives no one permission to cut it off. Arizona is upset with Alex because she was on the plane instead of his. He tells her he’s leaving after taking care of one of her favorite patients. Arizona and Callie discuss having plans for the future, she tells her again, don’t let them cut off her leg, no matter what happens. Chief Owen throws Callie off the case, she’s too emotionally involved. Alex tries to cheer her up by bringing her pizza, when he apologizes again she crashes. He rushes into Callie’s surgery on Derek and she tells him to cut off the leg, it’s the only way.
Sloan signs his DNR forms, just as Avery brings in Sophia he crashes, too.
Meredith leaves a long winded message telling Christina how great it is here, and Christina calls back and admits that Meredith is once again her person and she misses her as well. Avery misses Kepner at Joes, just as she gets on a plane to her farm. Arizona wakes up and, well now we have to wait and find out her reaction. Guarantee it won’t be great.

Best of the episode: Seeing Mark happy before he crashed, seeing his love for his daughter.

Worst of the episode: They made Arizona seem weaker than I’ve ever seen. I realize that is probably the intention but it was really awful.

Where did this episode leave us: It’s hard to say considering they did the episode with all of the reactions last week, so we know where it leaves us.

Best one-liner: Christina- “You are my person.”

What this episode ruined for us: Hawaiian pizza.


Holler, Jordan.


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