Dexter – Sunshine & Frosty Swirl


S06xE02 – We left off with Deb calling out Dexter, she knows all of his secrets. Deb books it out, Dexter follows her. He tells her he’s been doing this since he was 20. All of the past comes up, Bay Harbor and all. He explains that their father knew, he only kills certain kinds of people, he follows a code. Deb still thinks this is depraved and uses lots of swear words to make sure her point comes across.
Back inside he explains his “dark passenger” (let’s drink a shot every time he says that, okay?) a litle further. He tells her about the victims and she says there is a police department for a reason. He still justifies his kills. She punches him and walks out.
Ghost dad visits Dexter. I like to think of him as a Mufasa if Simba went rogue. Meanwhile Deb is reviewing Bay Harbor Butcher information, remembering Detective Lundy thought the serial killer was still at large. Serial killers have an “addiction”. That being said, she knows how to help Dexter.
Dexter tries to search for the hand which forces Masuka to come clean that his old intern sold it on ebay. He was having Louis track her down but to no avail, so instead they just wiped the trail clean. This leads Dexter to realize that Louis must have the hand.
Deb explains that a convicted murderer, Wayne Randall wants to clear his conscience so he is going to tell the police where he has hidden multiple bodies. Not wanting to let Dexter out of her site she puts Masuka on the case. She tells Dexter she is going to try and rehabilitate him.
La Guerta is calling a private lab to get the results of who is on the blood slide. Turns out she now knows it’s an exact match with Travis Marshall, she keeps that confidential for now, however she does put a call into the FBI.
Batista and Quinn are still shutting down the strip club to try to get answers for Kaja’s death. Quinn gives a shot to a stripper, Nadia, in turn for information. The only thing she can give is that Nadia was dating a bouncer named Tony who hasn’t shown up to work since her death.
Dexter comes to stay with Deb, she found a website to help with their rehab. She gives him every detail of how he is going to be with her at all times. Oh this is going to be annoying. Honesty is his new code.
They discuss the dark passenger once again (drink). He explains to her the feeling of pleasure he gets when he kills, it’s like a release of pressure.
Quinn finds Tony and questions him, he denies any involvement. He does divulge that Kaja left the club with a Russian man named Victor. It’s all coming together.
Masuka hates his job watching the inmate out in the hot sun, Dexter sees this as an opportunity and agrees to fill in. Deb is ready to tag along until there is a break in the Russian case she has to follow up on. After meeting the inmate Wayne, and wondering if they’re similar, he has a lunch break to get into Louis’s house. He finds his credit card info and knows that he is out to get him. When Louis comes home, Dexter confronts him and he admits it was all because Dexter didn’t like the serial killer game that he had worked so hard on. Dexter leaves him be, but not after silently making fun of his toy collection, get a real obsession!
Quinn and Bastista crash the stip club again, Big Russian shows up and says that Victor never made his scheduled flight so something is already wrong there. He mentions how the Brotherhood wanted to make him an example? Very Boondock Saints.
Nadia calls Quinn and tells him her car isn’t starting, asks for a ride. I’m not sure this is what he had in mind when he gave her his card.
After Dexter told Louis to get out of his life, he finds him in his kitchen with Jamie when him and Deb go to visit Harrison. He is clearly not pleased.
When Quinn takes Nadia home she asks him to pick up the tab for her car, where he is costing her a lot of money in tips by shutting down the club all the time. Nice girl, that Nadia.
Dexter and Deb are having dinner, he has a moment and can spike her steak. He sneaks out and collects Louis, however he cannot complete his task. He calls Deb and she comes out, groggy, to help him. After she states she’ll meet him at home he dumps a sleeping Louis on a park bench…hopefully this teaches him not to mess with Dex.
Big Russian shows up at Tony’s house, asking for an exit interview after he quit the stip club. Instead, he gives him a screwdriver to the eyeball.
Dexter is back at the empty lot with Wayne Randall, he is discussing how great the sun feels. Wayne mentions his partner Hannah and how she never looked at him the same after she found out about his dark passenger (drink). He never got to patch things up with her, and now there is only one way to deal with that.
That’s right, jump in front of a semi.
Dexter realizes that Wayne was never cured, he never felt remorse. He just wanted a few days of sunshine and ice cream before he ended things for good. Would Dexter ever feel differently?

Best of the episode: Loving the Louis storyline more than I can say, I cannot wait to see where they go with that.

Worst of the episode: Deb. I don’t believe her really, she flip flops too much. But then again, that’s probably normal for someone in her situation.

Where did this episode leave us: Who is Hannah? What will happen with Louis? What is this Brotherhood? And La Guerta, where is that going? She scares me.

Best one-liner: Dexter to Deb after she tells him that they will eat together, go to work together, etc. – “I hope you have a big shower.” That’s kind of creepy considering they’re brother and sister and also divorced. WHAT?

What did this episode ruin for us: Sunshine and toy collecting.


Holler, Jordan


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