The Big Bang Theory – The Decoupling Fluctuation


S06xE02 – Bernadette, Penny and Amy are opening all of Bernadette’s wedding gifts. This gets them to talk about marriage and Penny cannot see herself marrying Leonard. This poses a problem, she loves him, but she’s bored.
Raj, Sheldon and Leonard skype with Howard up in space. He tells them how much fun he’s having when really it seems like the other astronauts are bullying him (October is anti-bullying month by the way). After their chat they all are going to the movies, Raj invites Stuart to the movie so he wouldn’t be a fifth wheel. This of course upsets Sheldon. So Sheldon tries to make him the new “Howard”. He’s just as ridiculous so it works.
While at the movie, Amy tells Sheldon that Penny is “unsure” about Leonard. However it does get him to hold her hand. He also tells her how much he loves swordfish, trains and hammerhead sharks. Tools and animals and trains? Okay. He hates secret keeping and hand holding.
Sheldon is having a hard time keeping this secret from Leonard because he is his best friend. But alas he was sworn to secrecy. He confuses Leonard more with some metaphors about things not being what they seem. Too bad Leonard takes it wrong, but it’s cute he thinks so highly of Amy and Sheldon’s relationship.
Sheldon goes to try and tell Leonard again, but continues his secrecy. He ends up over at Penny’s house to tell her that he knows her secret, Amy blabbed. He tells her to stay with Leonard because he doesn’t like change. He also doesn’t like her new shampoo, he prefers the green apple to the new coconut (is she a hula girl?). After more confusion and babbling about feelings, Sheldon gets extremely sincere when he says, “Please don’t hurt my friend.” Oh, Shelly.
Penny calls Amy, Sheldon calls Amy and they both call her out. Eep.
Bernadette skypes Howard and tells him to stand up to his bullies after they put a video of him screaming for nine minutes on youtube.
Stuart is playing Magic with the boys and Sheldon is still hell-bent on making him the new Howard. Stuart invites Raj to go out and meet girls with him and Sheldon tries to get Leonard to tag along just in case he needs a backup to Penny.
Penny and Leonard are having a date, she tries to tell him she’s confused about their relationship but after he gives her the puppy eyes she instead opts to sleep with him.
While she dishes about it to the gals, Leonard sends her a sweet text. She’s sucked in, she can’t break up with him now!
Howard tells Bernadette he stood up to the astronauts, not knowing that they sharpied all over his face. He’ll get them next time.

Best of the episode: Sheldon actually caring about Leonard, that’s a little odd.

Worst of the episode: I’m already bored with Howard in space, just bring him back!

Where did this episode leave us: Howard is still being bullied and Penny isn’t ready to admit her feelings.

Best one-liner: Sheldon- “I’m a big fan of homeostasis, do you know what that is?” Penny- “OF COURSE NOT.”

What this episode ruined for us: Meteor showers.


Holler, Jordan


1 thought on “The Big Bang Theory – The Decoupling Fluctuation

  1. Yeah, I think it would be weird if none of these characters grew at all, but, the sad part is their humor is tied up in their dysfunction, which creates a conundrum for the writers. My favorite line is when Penny says he’s a weirdo for being in her room, and he says he’s the weirdo after seeing a parade of men come in and out of her apartment? Ha! My DISH coworker and I have been watching the show since the beginning and love to quote the show to each other. I’ve been watching the show since season one, but now I save all of the shows on my Hopper DVR since I have a thousand hours of recording time, in HD. That way I don’t have to keep buying the DVD’s at the end of the season, and I can watch it as many times as I want.

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