Hawaii Five-0 – Kanalua (Doubt)

S03xE02 – We open with a beautiful burial ceremony out at sea surfer style for Chin’s wife. She was cremated so it wasn’t really a burial, but still beautiful nonetheless with the circle of surfboards and lei’s placed on the seas. During the funeral, we see a robbery occur at an art gallery and one of the guys gets shot and left behind to mind the hostages while the rest speed off with the loot. Guess you shouldn’t get shot. We find out that the loot was a bunch of lithographs, but weren’t worth more than $30,000 total. Kind of light on the value it seems. So McGarrett and Danny enlist the help of an old “friend” or we could call him suspect/con/criminal, August March (yep that’s really his name). He explains that the lithographs may not be worth much now, but if they find the right naive buyer they could sell them for a lot more individually after falsifying their age to make them look like originals. The boys ask him how they can sniff them out, and March says he will try and track down these guys through his connections, provided they leave him alone from here on out. It looks like they may have struck a deal.

Chin has come back to work a lot sooner than they expected, like I’m pretty sure the same day as his wife’s funeral. He can’t stand to be at home, and so he wants to work to keep himself busy. He manages to identify one of the thieves, and they get a call that the getaway car has been located. But this car isn’t just any car, it’s been suped-up with a racing engine. The getaway driver has been shot dead and burned beyond recognition. After some awesome forensics work by Hiro er I mean Max, we find out the driver was a famous professional racer. So they go to his home to search and find out why he would be a part of this robbery, when Chin finds a ransom note and video in the home office. The racing driver’s daughter has been kidnapped. It all makes more sense now. In talking with the kidnapped girl’s mother we find out that she has been dating this guy that her mother had a bad feeling about, and when she mentions the boyfriend’s name, it matches one of the guys involved in the heist. Bing connection made.

August March is out doing his thing trying to find the guys with the lithographs and gets a location. So Five-0 go there and find the guys they’re looking for but one’s already dead and the other dies when Kono is trying to find out where the girl is. Five-0 finds all the lighographs as well as pictures of two other lithographs that weren’t reported as missing, but were in fact stolen. After doing some research we find out that the gallery owner’s grandfather stole those two missing lithographs not reported back on D-day when everyone was busy attending to the the Pearl Harbor tragedy. His grandfather then started his art gallery conveniently. This has been a secret kept within the family until now. So when McGarrett and Danny go to talk to the gallery owner, he runs and a high speed chase that requires ninja reflexes to not crash ensues. They finally cut him off and get him to talk. We learn that he has the unreported lithographs with him, and that they are actually originals and are priceless. But how did he get them back? From what we understand the lithographs were a ransom also, by none other than August March. Gallery guy had dropped money in a specified location and then he got his lithographs back.

McGarrett and Danny find March and bring him in for questioing. We learn March killed the two guys that were with the lithographs with the same gun that killed a girl a long time ago. March tells them he bought the gun on the street and has no idea why his prints are on the gun and the lithograph, but they’re not buying it. Finally March comes clean and admits to the murders and theft. He says he has no intention of going back to jail, and tries to make a deal with them to keep himself out. He says he can show them where the girl is and shows proof. They never should have trusted March initially, but it’s Ed Asner!

March is showing them where he says the girl is, and as they’re distracted by heading where he’s pointing, he inches himself out into traffic and gets himself hit by a semi. Damn! He really didn’t want to go back to jail. I hope it was all worth it…. Now they’re at a loss where to find the girl until Kono calls saying they have a lead. They find the girl in the trunk of the car they tracked down and she’s still alive. Too bad she won’t see her father again, but does get reunited with her mother, and it was a tender moment.

After their heroic day, Five-0 is chillin and drinking when Danny sees Chin standing out on the beach. He goes out to make sure he’s ok, and Chin shares the story of when he met his wife. Another tender moment.

Back at the funeral McGarrett had asked Catherine his unofficial girlfriend, to help him find his mother. At first he didn’t want to know where she was, but after finding out she let Wo Fat go, he wants to find her and find out why. So Catherine tracked down an Agent Channing in a bar, and chats it up all the while being wired to record the conversation and break into a government site with his info. So when Catherine shows up at the end while Five-0 is out getting their drink on, we’re hoping she has news on her findings. And oh does she ever. Catherine pulls McGarrett aside to tell him that his mother is still on the island and never actually left. What?! This will be interesting.

Best of the episode: Seeing that the Five-0 group aren’t just work colleagues, but also friends who are there for each other like family. The support they’ve shown for Chin is so sweet and caring.

Worst of the episode: Ed Asner playing this badass con. I like him as a likeable grump. But good for him trying to branch out, and also still being in the acting game.

Where this episode leaves us: Wanting to know what the hell is with McGarrett’s mom. I’m pretty sure she’s turned on the government and is now in bed with Wo Fat. But why? It also left us feeling sad for Chin. He finally had something happy in his life, just to have it taken away. The guy just can’t get a break.

Best one-liner: August March to McGarrett and Danny – “So what bring you here or did you just wanna sit posing as garage sale bookends?”

What this episode ruined for us: Another possibility lost of McGarrett ever having trust in his mother.


– a la Chryshele


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