Frankenstein Prodigal Son by Dean Koontz

This is not your typical story of Dr. Frankenstein and his monster. Instead we get a modern day tale, sort of. What you think is going to be a supernatural book of horror, is actually a murder mystery…of horror.

Meet Deucalion a tattooed man who has lived for centuries, most of the time as a monster, but recently as a man of redemption. Deucalion’s maker Victor Helios thought to be dead long ago, has resurfaced in New Orleans. But Helios isn’t the only thing plaguing the city, a serial killer is lurking around as well. Carson O’Connor, a police detective is on the case with her partner Michael Maddison. They will both learn that this serial killer case is not entirely as it seems, that something of the supernatural type is somehow linked, and the only one who can seem to close the gaps is Deucalion. But having been known as Frankenstein’s monster in the past, leaves Carson weary of his help.

This is the first book in a series of five. And though I went in thinking I would be reading a re-vamped story of Frankenstein’s monster, I was surprised to learn that this story was only secondary to what the book was actually about. A serial killer mystery. The several different characters also built upon the story at hand, with such subjects as autism, perfectionism, and desire to name a few. This was my first time reading a Dean Koontz novel, and as it is with any new author, you have to adjust to their style of writing. The chapters were quick, and the characters were many, but putting this aside, I was continually enthralled, and left wanting more when the book finished with a few loose ends.

Book Rating:  out of 5

– a la Chryshele


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