Go On – Do You Believe In Ghosts?

First, congrats on Go On for getting picked up for a full season! Yay Chandler Bing!


S01xE05 – Ryan seems back to his old self when doing his radio show, this is a good sign. However clips indicate he’s still missing wifey due to the fact that he can’t even stock a fridge. Oh yeah, ghost wifey shows up to mock him as well. That’s always good. She’s pretty, I like her. He tells his group he sees ghost wifey and they seem to think it’s normal. Steven broke up with his girlfriend Ashley and Ryan didn’t know, some friend he is. Oh well his wife died so he gets a pass. Now him and Steven can bond, Ryan will be Steven’s wingman.
The group followed their group leader Lauren to her job as a valet cashier. They find this to be sad, I think it would be a cool job.
Ghost wifey prompts Ryan to go grocery shopping. Nag, nag, nag. It’s a good nag though, she just wants to help. I LIKE HER. She looks like Monica, I can’t get over that, either. So Ryan goes to the store and asks the dairy man there how much milk an average person needs for a week. Aw. He finds another man doing some shopping and basically shop, stalks him. It’s a little creepy but also a little tender. I have a feeling they are going to bond, too. THEY BOUGHT QUINOA. Shopping man sees Ryan and genuinely looks freaked out.
Back at group, Ryan is using their confessions to learn to cook. Good strategy sports guy. Why are they still giving group leader crap for being a parking validation manager. She is studying for her masters so she can become a therapist full time. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!
The group is going to help her get her real estate license because she’s failed multiple times. How did we get on real estate? I’m really not sure.
Ryan shows up at the hotel in which she works and asks if he can help her in any way. I find that charming. He yells at the non-tippers and calls her a saint.
Ryan and Steven take Steven’s dog for a walk, he’s in full on wingman lookout. First rule of being a wingman, don’t wear your wedding ring. Even if you aren’t the one on the lookout, it may scare off potential ladies. And it also causes you to open up way too much. And these girls are not funny in any way, however Steven is just desperate enough to ask them to be on the radio because their favorite yogurt flavor is blue.
The group once again shows up at Lauren’s place of other business. I still don’t believe that the young black man actually would hang out with these people but he does, I guess.
Dead wifey is still harassing Ryan into cooking. He asks her to un-die. Saddest thing ever. Did I mention dead wifey only wears a button up? That’s a little weird.
The group takes Lauren back to their meeting place to prepare for their test. This doesn’t help her, she still only got a 22 on her practice test.
Ryan cooks a turkey. Good job. But now he has to eat it alone. They have a good conversation over the turkey, he has to move on, and he can’t do that until he admits he has to take care of himself now. He still needs the itunes password, she she’ll be back.
Ryan and Steven bring the gals in to “be on the radio”. They are terrible. Ryan and Steven decide its better if they just hang out, they have a whole turkey and some video games. Yep.
The group shows up as Lauren takes her exam. They support her, this is sweet. And look at that, she passed.

Best of the episode: I love the comradeship of the group, no matter what they always want to help and support each other.

Worst of the episode: No George.

Where did this episode leave us: Ryan can now do things on his own.

Best one-liner: Lauren -“I’m studying for my Masters.” Mexican Lady -“These masters, they force you to study and also to park cars?”

What this episode ruined for us: Folding. No, wait, that was already ruined.


Holler, Jordan


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