Parenthood – Everything Is Not Okay

S04xE03 – Max is back to school and is excited about the vending machine because he’s going to get some Skittles, but he learns it’s been taken away. He starts to yell how unfair it is, and scares the students around him. Adam and Kristina are waiting for her doctor appointment, Adam impatiently, because Amber is texting him about a meeting with a band he’s late for. Sarah has clients that need a last minute wedding photographer, and she tells them yes only to have grumpy Hank say he’s taking a personal day. Jerk. Zeke is driving all the kids home from school and makes an illegal u-turn and gets pulled over. The cop is kind of a dick and won’t answer Zeke’s question on what he did wrong. But Zeke doesn’t help the situation when we find his license is expired by a year! And for some reason Zeke starts to argue with the cop and steps out of the car. Mr. Cop doesn’t like this and arrests Zeke in front of all the grandkids. Good job Zeke.

Kristina and Adam finally get into their appointment, and the doctor’s bed side manner is lacking. He’s very cold in his delivery of what he sees, and very distracted too. What he does manage to get out in his distracted manner is that Kristina has a mass in her left breast that hasn’t spread, but needs to be removed. They don’t know if the cancer itself has spread and won’t know until after the removal.

Sarah is home with Mark talking about Hank not doing the wedding photos. Mark thinks she should convince Hank into doing it. And they do a little role play to prepare her. Meanwhile the rest of the family goes to bail out Zeke and pick up their kids. Then over at Julia’s house the siblings are discussing why Zeke let his license expire and if he should be driving around at all. Crosby lets out that Zeke is on heart medication, and now it’s of course a big deal to everyone else, and they’ve connected it to his driving.

Adam is now home talking to Kristina about how he doesn’t like the doctor, and wants someone more sensitive to the situation. Kristina agrees to get a second opinion. The next day Adam makes it to work and flips out on Amber over a lost client and burnt coffee. Yeah he’s handling the cancer well. Max at school won’t let the vending machine topic go and is not making any friends by doing his rants, he’s only alienating himself more. Poor kid.

Adam and Kristina are meeting with another doctor who is like day versus the previous doctor’s night. Warm, comforting and shows that she really cares. It’s obvious they are going to go with this doctor. Sarah goes in and confronts Hank about how he treats her and how he’s “tanking” the business by not doing the wedding shoot. Hank obviously disagrees, and elaborates on how he hates weddings. Sarah kinda blew the confrontation.

That night the siblings meet with Zeke to talk about his expired driver’s license. And somehow they spin it into him being a danger to the grandkids. This upsets him and walks out. They get chastised by their mother for it. Serves them right. Adam goes after Zeke, but he’s pissed and won’t talk. Adam tells him he knows about his heart condition, and Zeke tells him he will be alright. but you never know what’s going to happen. Is this a clue to what will happen with Kristina?

Sarah is talking to Mark again about Hank and her confronting him about everything. Mark isn’t as willing to listen to her this time. Maybe he’s getting an inkling of what’s to come. Max has a friend over, but he wants to go home because Max won’t shut up about the vending machine. Yeah I get it kid. Zeke and Camille are driving to get his license renewed and she’s quizzing him on the driving test, and then they talk about the kid’s driving in the past, and then it leads to having sex before his test. Woot, I hope he passes!

Amber is making sure that the burnt coffee smell is gone because of Adam’s yelling spurt, when Crosby walks in and tells her to relax. And then asks her to join in on a session and learn a few things. Adam is at home researching cancer after he told Kristina not to, then goes to talk with Max about compromising with friends, but all Max can think about is the vending machine. Kristina talks to a woman she met in the waiting room of the cold shoulder doctor who has breast cancer as well. They talk about what to expect and then talk about the doctor himself, Kristina is told that he really is a good doctor and really does care about his patients.

Hank shows up to Sarah’s house unannounced to have her help with the wedding shoot. Looks like he changed his mind. Adam asks Amber to pick up Max from school, but she tells him she can’t, and he won’t listen. So Amber confronts Adam about how he’s been treating her lately. And he agrees he has been difficult, and then tells Amber that Kristina is sick and he’s been distracted because of it. He then asks for her help around the office and apologizes that some things may fall on her more than normal. With tears in her eyes Amber immediately says she will help him. So Amber is there to pick Max up and he’s wondering where his parents are, he says he has something important to talk to his mom about and Amber says she can listen, and then he starts in on guess what? The vending machine!

Zeke passed his driving test with 98%, honestly that’s probably better than I can do. I can tell he wants to tell his kids where to stick it. I would. Hank and Sarah are at the wedding enjoying some champagne and chatting it up. We find out Hank was married once, and that it’s a factor of why he hates weddings. There’s this obvious connection between Hank and Sarah.

Kristina tells Adam that she wants to go back to cold shoulder doctor, and that she’s scared about the future. She tells Adam that he has to let her be scared, and not give her positive responses, just to let her be able to feel scared. Max walks in on the end of the conversation and says he’s running for school counsel president so he can get back the vending machine. Sheesh. Somehow I see this going badly.

Best of the episode: Watching Hank beat around the bush about being interested in Sarah. You can tell Sarah has feelings too, but is unsure of what they are exactly. I don’t see Mark lasting much longer. Poor Mark.

Worst of the episode: The vending machine! I understand that people on the spectrum tend to obsess over certain things, but even I got frustrated hearing about the vending machine disappearance over and over.

Where did this episode leave us?: Knowing it’s going to be a long road most likely, maybe the length of the season, dealing with Kristina’s cancer. I’m also wondering how long it will take for them to let the family know what’s going on.

Best one-liner: Kristina -“So Max was calling it a low-speed chase which I think probably offended your dad, but it was really hilarious.”

What the episode ruined for us: Vending Machines at school


– a la Chryshele


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