Dexter – Are You…?

S07xE01 – Warning: I kind of swear a little in this recap. But given the nature of the show, my swearing is very tame.

We begin with Dexter trying to run his credit card at a gas pump but it’s denied. He tries every one he has and they are all denied, he then grabs some cash out of what looks like a getaway bag, and next he’s rushing toward the airport buying a ticket to Budapest. Where does he think he’s going? What’s happening? We next find ourselves right where we left off, with Deb witnessing Dexter killing Travis. She pulls her gun on him and demands answers. Dexter quick on his toes from all of the lying experience, concocts a lie about it being a spur of the moment thing, he doesn’t know why he was doing it and Deb seems to believe him. She then says she has to call it in, and he tells her no, it will look really bad, and they should take care of the body themselves. Because she loves her brother so much (this is a guess), she goes along with it, and Dexter says he can take the body and dump it. Deb gives an emphatic “no”, so they come up with the idea of making it look like Travis burned down the church and stabbed a wooden sword through his own heart. It’s biblical, or so Dexter tells us. He’s a better Christian than I am, so I go with it. Once they get the church burning they leave the scene and basically wait until they get the call to go investigate the crime.

At the crime scene, Dexter is a natural at the lying, Deb not so much. La Guerta tells Deb she’s gotta go do a press conference, and you see a look of fear. She won’t break though, not for her brother. Seeing Deb’s fear, Dexter has a flashback to when he and Deb were kids. Their mother got Deb a puppy, and as Dexter and Harry come home, you see the look of a murderer in little Dexter’s eyes. Harry has to tell him not to even think about it. And my heart screams for the puppy. Back to reality, everyone clears out and La Guerta is the last to leave. She notices a shiny object under the vent grille. It’s the blood slide/trophy Dexter dropped while posing the suicide scene. Shit.

Dexter finally makes it home after his very long day to find Lewis in his apartment. I forget he’s dating Angel’s little sister/Harrison’s nanny. Dexter’s upset for one that he’s even there, and two for violating his space (i.e. using his computer). Jamie comes in and sees Lewis in Dexter’s side of the apartment and scolds him, Dexter tells her to go on home for the night, and then heads to his trophy box. There he realizes he doesn’t have the slide. Dexter goes to check on a sleeping Harrison, hoping everything will be alright.

At Lewis’ place Jamie is still scolding him for being on Dexter’s side of the apartment. Especially after Lewis goes off about how big a jerk Dexter is. We’re watching Lewis entering numbers onto his computer as he’s talking to her, and we find out they’re Dexter’s credit card numbers, and he’s cancelling all of Dexter’s accounts. That explains the first scene of Dexter trying to buy gas. And Lewis confirms once again he’s disturbed.

Now at Deb’s place, she’s home with a beer and turns on the TV to see her own face. She’s catching her press conference regarding Travis’ death. Then Mike calls her to talk about how weird he thinks it is that Travis’ car wasn’t at the church. Deb tries to brush it off that a man knowing he’s going to die wouldn’t mind walking. Mike agrees, but says he’s going to look into it, and Deb ok’s it (she’s getting better at the lying). Mike hangs up with Deb and sees a car ahead with a flat tire. He gets out to help the man, who refuses Mike’s help, but Mike insists and proceeds to open the guy’s trunk to look for the spare. Whoops, there’s a dead girl in there, next thing we know Mike’s dead, and flat tire guy steals Mike’s car. Damn I kinda liked Mike, he wasn’t too much of a douche bag…

The next morning there’s a knock on Dexter’s door, it’s Deb. She starts right in with the questioning. Why was he so prepared? How did he have plastic wrap? He found it in the church storage. What about the knives? They were Travis’. Dexter wasn’t wearing his work clothes, and was wearing a rubber apron and gloves. How does he explain that? He keeps an extra set of clothes in his car due to his job, and the apron and gloves are part of his crime kit, everyone wears them. So what about saying he knew what he was doing? He does know what he’s doing he’s a serial killer, oh I mean he works crime scenes and has picked up a pointer or two. Man he’s quick on his feet, and so great at staying calm while doing it.

Dexter heads into the bedroom to finish preparing for work, and he has another flashback. His parents had to give back the puppy. It’s all his fault. Back to the real world Dexter apologizes again to Deb, but before she can respond she gets a call. Mike’s been shot, and she rushes out. Dexter stays back a couple minutes to grab last minute things, but really it’s to get his getaway bag in case Deb doesn’t let up on the interrogating. Dexter makes it to the scene and we see that Mike didn’t survive. I didn’t think he would. And then Dexter examines the woman in the trunk, and takes her print for identification. The car has been wiped as we know, but Dexter pulls a print off the turn signal, apparently something that everyone forgets to wipe off. Noted. Dexter heads out, and Deb is about to leave the scene too, when she starts to have her own flashback. But this one is of her on a table wrapped up about to be killed by the Ice Truck Killer (i.e. Dexter’s brother).

Back at the precinct, Deb heads down to records and pulls the files for the Ice Truck Killer. Meanwhile Dexter runs the prints he found in the car. Deb comes in and confronts Dexter yet again about the murder. But this time she mentions how Travis was wrapped exactly how Deb was, and all of the similarities of both of those scenes. Dexter tries to put it back on her by asking her why she was at the church, and she doesn’t really have a reason. I don’t think Deb’s going to let this go anytime soon.

Dexter gets a hit on the prints from the car, it’s a guy by the name of Viktor Baskov. Instead of reporting this to Deb or any other cop, Dexter rushes out of the precinct with Deb watching. Dexter breaks into where Viktor has been staying and finds that that place has been packed in a hurry. Viktor left a shirt behind with blood on it, and gun powder residue.  Kind of convenient. Dexter discovers Viktor is on a flight to Kiev, and rushes out. Next we see Dexter heading to the airport, and all of a sudden the opening scene makes a lot more sense. Dexter books his flight to Budapest, and finds Viktor in the airport waiting for his flight.

Angel and Quinn go to the strip club where trunk girl worked, they try to interview some of the girls that work there, but you get the feeling that the owner won’t let them really talk. As Quinn is trying to talk to one of the girls, Angel comes up and says they found blood at the back door.

Dexter has followed Viktor into a bathroom at the airport and tranq’s him, then wheels him into unclaimed baggage. I sure hope no one goes in there anytime soon. And that’s an expensive way to get into the airport sheesh International flights…Why do we root for Dexter? “I hope he gets to kill the guy without getting caught!” Anyone else think that every time?

Angel and Quinn have made it back to the precinct to report to Deb their findings which isn’t much. They decide to go for a drink, Deb declines, and heads over to see what Masuka has found out, which isn’t much either. Angel and Quinn toast a drink to Mike, and they find out each other has lied about themselves. It seems Angel threatened to put in a transfer for Quinn, and Quinn said he had spoke to his union rep and was in a program for his drinking. Yeah neither were true.

Back at the airport, Dexter has Viktor wrapped up on a table in the unclaimed baggage, and prepares to do what he needs to do to find control in his life. At least that’s what he tells Viktor before he puts a bag over his head and smashes it in with a fire extinguisher.

We then travel to Kiev, Ukraine and meet some dude who apparently is in cahoots with the strip club owner, and Viktor. It looks like this season we get to deal with the Russian mob. Well it’s a change.

As Dexter is loading the body into his car, he’s contemplating on the possibility that things might be able to be ok between Deb and himself. But we then see Deb who doesn’t look like she’s handling things so well, call Dexter’s home only to have Jamie answer the phone and tell her that Dexter is working late, and that he does it a lot. Busted.

Dexter is out at sea now preparing to toss the body over, and he has another flashback. Deb is crying over not being able to have a dog, and asks Dexter why their dad wouldn’t let her keep it, Dexter says it was because of him, and Harry jumps in saying Dexter is allergic to dogs. He pull Dexter aside to ask him what he was really going to tell Deb, and Dexter says the truth. Harry tells Dexter that can never happen because Deb only loves Dexter for who she thinks he is, not who he really is. Back to the sea, Dexter tells himself again that it’s his fault he should have stuck to the code and killed Travis when he first met him.

Deb is looking over the files for the Ice Truck Killer and starts having her flashbacks again. But this time she’s remembering more, the discussion Dexter and Rudy/Brian had right before Dexter stopped him from killing Deb. It seems that she’s going to keep pursuing this until she knows everything.

La Guerta meets up with Masuka to ask him if he’s gone over all of the evidence from the church, but with the murder of Mike he hasn’t yet. She asks if anyone would use blood slides at a crime scene, and Masuka says no, he only knows one person that did that. Sgt. Dokes, and that was because he was the Bay Harbor Butcher. La Guerta thanks Masuka and walks off with the blood slide in hand.

Dexter comes home from his sea dump to find Deb has torn his place apart and found everything. EVERYTHING. We see his trophy box sitting on the coffee table, and Deb asks Dexter point blank if he killed all those people. And he shockingly says yes. I think he knows there’s no way out of this one. She then asks him if he’s a serial killer. And he again says yes. Holy Jeebus.

Best of the episode: Deb finally finding out about Dexter’s dark passenger. I don’t know how good this will really be for Dexter, but it’s going to make for some good TV I think.

Worst of the episode: The Lewis story line. I don’t understand why they’re continuing with it, and maybe we will soon, but to me it seems like a lame reason to keep this guy on the show.

Where did this episode leave us?: Trying to figure out just how Deb is going to handle knowing her brother is a serial killer, and wondering if Dexter is going to kill Deb at some point. Also it’s going to be interesting to see where La Guerta goes with this blood slide and if she too somehow links Dexter to the church.

Best one-liner: Not a one-liner, but best lines of the episode. Deb – “Are you a serial killer?”, Dexter – “Yes”

What the episode ruined for us: Possibly Deb and Dexter’s relationship for good. If it means they don’t get together romantically then I’m ok with this being ruined.


– a la Chryshele


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