Revenge – Destiny


S02xE01 – In the season 2 opener, we start with police frantically searching the open water for what I assume is Victoria Grayson’s body in the crash. Maybe I’m wrong, we see a Porter family photo, a pocket watch and a boat….what the crap, the Amanda? That’s Jack’s boat? Hyperventilating at this moment, do I even need to finish? Yes. Because there is Emily Thorne tied to a rope out to sea, two men are contemplating drowning her further. Daniel is sitting in what was once his mothers room when Ashley comes in and starts running her mouth. Looks like they’re together now. He doesn’t want to dwell in the past and says they can start redecorating.
Cut to Jack Porter on a boat now, holding a pocket watch, very much alive. Jack seems to have gone off the deep end ever since Amanda came back. Charlotte is 60 days sober, Conrad seems to be upset she is almost on out patient…he obviously knows something about Mrs. Grayson, maybe she is alive? Charlotte seems to think otherwise.
FLASHBACK…baby Emily seeing her mother in the hospital, cut back to reality where she is now being rescued from her water prison. She beats the crap out of her rescuers and they are discussing her training. They are upset by this. Oh look, they even have Nolan fighting now, what has happened? Emily shows up at his somewhat MMA training to tell him she’s regrouping. Oh, boxing, my bad. They return to Emily’s home, Nolan needs a place to stay, he sold his home. She says no without hesitation Reviewing old newspapers Emily comes across the closing of a hospital where she believes her mother was housed. It was purchased by one of the Grayson Global parent companies two days after her father was arrested.
Jack’s bar failed health inspection, Declan is having to run everything together. Ashley is planning on the Victoria memorial and Conrad is still bitter about his dead wife. Who I’m sure is alive. Daniel has taken to the bottle again and Conrad pours him a drink. Great supporting your son now that your other kid is fresh out of rehab, eh? Daniel and Conrad know that they are partially responsible for Victoria’s death whether directly or indirectly. Nolan and Emily break into the hospital, multiple flashbacks ensue. They stumble upon what looks like her room, sheets still fresh. Now convinced Victoria is the one who abducted her mother and so they go to the videotape. Victoria discusses how she knows this and doesn’t want her to become a liability.
Emily needs to become close to the Grayson’s again. Nolan goes to visit Jack, they have a tender bromance. Nolan is looking for housing, Emily is back and hasn’t called Jack or Amanda. At the rehab center, Emily visits Charlotte, Charlotte invites her to the memorial and mentions Daniel and Ashley and given the look on Emily’s face she had no idea. Emily visits Amanda and begins to tell her she’s on a different path, Amanda tries to push her own form of blackmail on her. As Jack opens the door, Emily steps in and announces that she will now be the baby’s Godmother.
The two captors of Emily are discussing continuing helping her.
There is also more to them than we know. At the memorial, Emily arrives and smiles and Daniel appeases her. Conrad mentions a reconciliation and Daniel laughs at the possibility. With Nolan on her arm the awkward meeting between Daniel and Ashley and Emily is jut indeed that, awkward. But I must say, Emily handles it with grace. Jack is putting all his work into fixing the bar, they need the money for when the baby comes. Declan seems to be the only one that knows Jack isn’t in love with Emily, besides Jack.
Charlotte wants to sell the Hampton’s property, she’ll let Daniel buy her out. The eulogy/tribute given by Ashley, and Charlotte is despised by this. So is Nolan. They reveal the art that will be auctioned off, it is her unfinished painting by the man she was having an affair with. Charlotte steps in and gives a beautiful speech and how much she misses her mother. Her doctor gets a call of her bloodwood, Charlotte is positive for drugs. As they try to rush her out, she whispers into Emily’s ear…and then we are greeted with Victoria.
Emily and Victoria discuss that they think someone is trying to keep Charlotte in the hospital. Charlotte’s doctor may be on Conrad’s payroll. The government is keeping Victoria safe while they build their case. Victoria calls the secret cell phone of Charlotte’s and the doctor seems to think that is Charlotte’s dealer. They confiscate the phone and now the only link she has to her mother is Emily. Doctor calls Conrad, says they can easily use the cell phone to substantiate the false positive and the doctor will get paid once Conrad has power of attorney over Charlotte’s inheritance. It’s all about money.
Emily tells Nolan and enlists his help. Jack shows up at the door, Nolan gets to work. Oh Jack and his jacket. Jack apologizes for Amanda’s pregnancy, he obviously still loves Emily. They can’t go back in time. She gives Jack a bit of a warning and tells him he should find out if the baby is even his. Good job, I never would have thought of that.
Emily returns to Victoria’s. She shows that the doctor is on the payroll. I like these two when they bond, even though it clearly won’t last. Jack calls Amanda out on her whereabouts and if he is even the father. Daniel and Ashley talk about Charlotte and her “sickness” and it’s pretty clear that Daniel thinks there may be something to her story, maybe she was right about Conrad taking the plane down?
Ending montage…Charlotte’s locked in her room, Victoria can’t get ahold of her, Amanda knows she’s caught, Jack is still an insomniac. Daniel sees Emily across the way. Viewing through the clam cam that Emily put in her home. She doesn’t trust Emily (obviously) and she wants to have her killed. Watch your back, girl.

Best of the episode: The fact that Victoria isn’t dead and she’s still a badass.

Worst of the episode: Half the time it seemed like they were reaching…

Where this episode leaves us: Basically now Emily has to wait for Victoria to pounce.

Best one-liner: Nolan – “Clam cam, I like it.”

What this episode ruined for us: Doctors.


Holler, Jordan


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