Once Upon A Time – Broken

S02xE01 – We will start with story one: Sleeping Beauty Aurora is lying in her, I guess you could call it tomb (her bed was shaped like a coffin), and Prince Phillip is kissing her awake. There’s an Asian warrior standing by as this is happening, and we learn this is Mulan. She has fought with Phillip several times, and has helped him find Aurora. Just as Aurora and Phillip have been reunited, they encounter a wraith (soul sucker or dementor for Potter fans) and Prince Phillip has been marked. What does this mean? It means the wraith will return for Phillip’s soul and there’s no running from his new fate. So Phillip leaves Aurora with Mulan to go and meet his fate. Aurora is told by Mulan this is where he went and she goes after Phillip, but it’s too late, the wraith has struck. We see Aurora place Phillip on the bed she once slept on.

Story two: We are now in Storybrooke and everyone is remembering their actual lives. The curse has been broken and magic is back! We get a cold family hug between Mary Margaret, David and Emma and then the blue fairy/nun shows up letting them know that magic is back, but not how it once was. A mob forms ready to pounce on Regina, and you can’t blame them. When the mob turns up at Regina’s, she is confident as a queen would be, thinking she has magic. She tries to use it on the mob, but nothing. ha! Snow, Charming and Emma show up to stop the scene at the request of Henry, and they take Regina into custody and lock her up. David/Charming asks Regina why if the magic is back haven’t they gone back to their land, to which she responds there is no land to go back to. That sucks. Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin shows up at the jail and in his hand is a gold medallion. He forces the medallion into Regina’s palm and tells her it’s her destiny, the one thing she can’t escape. We then see Rumpelstiltskin summon the wraith and Regina now has the mark (so that’s how Phillip got his mark!).

This entire time Snow/Mary Margaret has been trying to talk to Emma, but has received the cold shoulder instead. She finally corners Emma and convinces her to talk, but first they have to deal with Mr. Gold. All three of them confront Gold in his store when outside turns dark, and Gold tells them Regina will be taken care of. The wraith has come to Storybrooke. Belle who was in the back listening to Rumpelstiltskin’s conversation is upset with Rumpel (yeah i’m shortening it, it takes too long to type) because he lied to her about killing Regina. Earlier he had promised he wouldn’t, although Regina had locked Belle up for 28 years.

The wraith finds Regina in the jail and begins sucking her soul, but Snow, Charming and Emma come and save her. Apparently the dementors don’t like fire. I wish Harry had known that… They learn from Regina that you can’t kill the wraith. and that it won’t stop until it gets its prey. Well unfortunately killing Regina is out of the question, because we wouldn’t have a show then, So Regina says they will have to send it somewhere it can’t return. Emma lets Regina leave the jail, and they all head to Regina’s home. There she reveals the plan to use the Madhatter’s hat to send the wraith to the other land that doesn’t exist, thus trapping it forever. So Regina tries to get the hat to spin magically to open the portal to the other world, when the wraith shows up. Charming tries to fight it off while the girls work on the hat. Just as you think Charming is going to lose the fight, they finally get the hat started with Emma’s touch. Wait how does she have magic? The wraith goes in, but unfortunately it pulls Emma in with it. Snow not wanting to lose her daughter again, follows. Charming tries to follow too, but the portal closes before he can. Charming clearly upset, bellows at Regina asking if they’re dead. She doesn’t know, so Charming threatens to kill Regina and then we see Regina now has magic. I’m thinking from Emma’s touch. Well shit. Regina has Charming up against a wall restrained and choking, clearly about to die, when Henry walks in and stops her. Henry asks where Emma is and Regina has to tell him that Emma and Snow are gone. Henry calls Regina the evil queen that she is and that he never wants to see her again. He tells her to get them back and then to leave him and everyone alone. Charming then takes Henry with him leaving Regina with the mess now created. Rumpel and Belle are seemingly mending fences when he then tells Belle she has to leave because he is still a monster, but Belle tells him that is the reason she has to stay. For some reason this warms my heart. We then see Henry and Charming walk into Snow and Emma’s place, and Charming tells Henry they will figure out a way to get them back.

Story 1 & 2 merge: Mulan is telling Aurora that the land she once knew has changed since she’s been asleep, that a curse was placed upon the land and all were removed to a different world. Except one corner of the land. This corner was kept from being swept to Storybrooke and no one knows why. They were frozen for 28 years and then when the curse broke Phillip and Mulan resumed their search for Aurora. Mulan then explained that there is a safe haven that they have to go to, but as she’s explaining this, they hear a loud noise. When they investigate they find Mary Margaret and Emma under some rubble. And Mulan responds by saying they are the cause of the curse. Wha?

Best of the episode: That everyone remembers their lives before Storybrooke again. Although it was awkward to see Snow and Charming all googly eyed over their daughter Emma who is the same age, it was sweet.

Worst of the episode: It’s hard to say. The episode was pretty good.

Where did this episode leave us?: Curious as to where this is going to go. Will we still have flashbacks, but in a different way now? Are Emma and Mary Margaret stuck in the other land that doesn’t exist? Why can’t Snow and Charming just be together? It’s always so close.

Best one-liner: Emma – “Can we do everything later, like with a glass of wine? Several bottles.”

What the episode ruined for us: It didn’t ruin magic. That counts right?


– a la Chryshele


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