Doctor Who – The Angels Take Manhattan

S07xE05 – I need to start off by saying this episode was heartbreaking! I am broken.

We begin with a guy, a P.I. to be exact, taking a case from a Mr. Grayle regarding statues that move when you’re not looking. We follow this guy to an apartment complex where the doors open creepily and the lift looks like it might give out as the lights flicker. As the man is walking down a hall he comes across an apartment with his name listed on it. This door also opens creepily, and he walks in. There he finds an elderly man lying in a bed. Turns out it’s himself. He’s warned that they’re coming for him to send him back in time. The guy, or Gardner as we learn his name to be, runs and sees the angels in the hallway, they’re following him, forcing him to the roof. And there on the roof is the Statue of Liberty’s angry face in her true form as a weeping angel. Gah!  No more Gardner.

Next we find The Doctor, Amy and Rory chilling in Central Park being all hipster reading on a big rock. The Doctor is reading a book by the author Melody Malone, and it’s a tale of a detective in 1930’s New York City. He’s been reading aloud until Amy who’s trying to read the newspaper, tells him to stop and read to himself. Sensing the tension, Rory decides he’s going to go get coffee for everyone. The Doctor notices something different about Amy. Amy now has reading glasses. Reading glasses are cool. Well so The Doctor thinks after he tries them on himself and realizes he can read so much better. With Rory gone this leaves Amy and The Doctor to their reading. Amy then asks him to read his book to her, and as he’s reading the book, he tears out the last page because then it doesn’t have to end, and he hates endings. As The Doctor is reading the book it starts to mirror their actions. They realize that the book is telling their story, and it’s specifically talking about Rory getting coffee for Amy and The Doctor. We then see that Rory has somehow ended up in the 1930’s standing in front of River Song who gives a warm “Hello dad.” The Doctor and Amy rush to the TARDIS where Amy gives the exact date out of the book and The Doctor tries to get there, but the book tells him it would be impossible to land on that date. The Doctor tries anyway and then the TARDIS is smoking in a cemetary. Amy reads in the book that The Doctor has to break something because Amy read it, so now it’s going to happen.

River and Rory are taken to Grayle’s home and Rory is put in the basement where the “babies” are. Crap, the babies are little angels. River knows Grayle is hiding something behind a curtain and pulls it back to reveal an angel! It’s chained up though thankfully. River who is going by Melody Malone (hey that’s the book The Doctor’s reading!) is an angel detective. And as she’s explaining to Grayle how she knows all about the angels, Grayle turns out the lights and the angel grabs River’s arm, but she’s not gone. Why hasn’t she been transported in time? Meanwhile Rory is stuck down in the basement with the “babies” and a pack of matches, and he’s losing the fight. River is in the grasp of Grayle’s angel when The Doctor finally comes crashing in. He’s figured a way to get to that date. Phew! Amy immediately goes looking for Rory and The Doctor goes to see what River’s up to. He finds out then that he has to break her wrist because Amy read it. They decide in order to find Rory that they can read the chapters and be safe from sealing anything else in stone because the book hasn’t been written yet. After see the chapter called The Roman in the Cellar, The Doctor sees that the last chapter is called Amelia’s Last Farewell and becomes upset. Me too.

Amy heads down to the basement and The Doctor follows, but Rory’s gone because of those stupid “babies”. Luckily Rory is only a few blocks away, in front of the same apartment building Gardner went to, Winter Quay. River, Amy and The Doctor are trying to locate Rory on River’s device. Hey she got free! The Doctor is happy River got free without breaking her wrist, but she lied. The Doctor fixes her wrist by using regeneration energy, and River is pissed about it. Rory is going up the lift in the apartment building. Amy goes out to talk to River where she tells Amy never to let The Doctor see damage, or see you age, he doesn’t like endings. Obviously River is having issues with aging and worrying The Doctor won’t want her around anymore. Rory has arrived on the floor where he sees an apartment with his name on it and goes in. The Doctor pins Rory’s exact location and they all go racing after him. They try to catch him in the apartment before he’s seen too much, but too late. They all see Rory as a dying elderly man, so happy to see Amy again and then he dies. They start to discuss what it means, and The Doctor explains that the angels will now come for Rory and zap him back in time about 30-40 years where he will live out his life in that apartment. So Rory decides that he can run and change his future. The Doctor tries to explain that it wouldn’t work, but Amy and Rory don’t want to hear it and go on the run. Unfortunately the same situation happens as Gardner where they are blocked by all of the angels and forced to the roof. And yet again the Statue of Liberty is waiting. Rory decides he’s going to jump and die now because it will cause a paradox and the angels will disappear. Amy won’t let him jump by himself, and joins him on the ledge just in time for River and The Doctor to see them on the roof ledge. They’re convinced they can change the future and so they jump. And I start to cry because they love each other so much! The paradox begins! They have changed the future and everything starts to disappear around them.

We are back at the cemetery again where the TARDIS was left and Amy and Rory are ok! The Doctor is ecstatic because the Ponds are alright and this means they changed things. Everything is going to be ok. River and The Doctor start bickering, Amy and Rory are happy and it seems things are going to be great. Except Rory sees a gravestone with his name on it, and as he’s telling Amy this he’s gone. An angel survived and took him. Amy talks about going and finding Rory, but The Doctor says it isn’t possible. Amy won’t have it and decides she will let the angel touch her if she can get back to him. The Doctor is begging her to stay, And River has to tell him to let her go. She’s having to say goodbye to her mother, and The Doctor is begging. Of course Amy won’t be without Rory. Amy tells River to be a good girl and take care of the The Doctor, and says goodbye to him, and then she’s gone too. The Doctor’s hearts break and mine breaks too.

Back in the TARDIS The Doctor asks River to travel with him, to which she told him she would, but not all the time. And then adds that he is not to travel alone. River then talks about how she must send the book to Amy for publishing and will have her write an afterward to The Doctor. That’s when he realizes the last page he ripped out is still back at the park. He amazingly is able to retrieve it and we hear Amy read what she wrote to The Doctor. Tears are streaming down my face. Like daughter like mother, Amy also tells him not to be alone and tells him to go to her young self and to tell her to be patient because she will have an amazing life. My sobbing is uncontrollable now.

Best of the episode: How scary and beautiful the episode was. The Weeping Angels scare the hell out of me and are easily the scariest alien on the show. The story was great because it hit all the feels; scared of the angels, swooning over Amy and Rory’s love for each other, awkward giddiness for The Doctor and River’s first encounter after getting married, and crying like a freaking baby when the Ponds left us. Way to hit it on the head with this one Moffatt.

Worst of the episode: Obviously it’s having to say goodbye to the Ponds. Why must we have to say goodbye? And tears again.

Where this episode leaves us: Wondering how River can send the book to Amy? Is it with her vortex manipulator? That left me a little confused. It also left us aching for more Ponds, but excited to enter the next chapter. Oswin!

Best One-Liner: Rory – “I always wanted to visit the statue of liberty. I guess she got impatient.”

What the episode ruined for us: The Statue of Liberty



– a la Chryshele


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