Grey’s Anatomy – Going, Going, Gone

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S09xE01 – So before I go into the recap I must say so far I’m the only one who enjoyed how they did this episode. That being said, here we go. We ended with a plane crash and dead Little Grey. We open with some girl who resembles Katherine Heigl wandering the halls of Seattle Grace mentioning how afraid she is of Medusa. Medusa is Meredith Grey who is now an attending. Bailey tells her it’s very good to have a nickname that strikes fear in the hearts of residents. Remember the Nazi? Bailey isn’t even the Nazi anymore.
Christina is doing well in Minnesota and by well I mean she hates it because her attending Mr. Feeny won’t stop talking to her. And they’re all nice there, and we know Christina hates nice.
Bailey has a new nickname as well but no one will tell her, however her cute doctor boyfriend shows up to give her a good time. Too bad Dr. Karev is busy in the on-call room.
Callie is upset people stare at her and ensures them she is fine. What happened to Arizona? What am I missing? Dr. Shepherd is ready to go into the OR again, everyone rejoices, he says he is fine.
Something is happening with today. Today at 5pm. No one explains. Again. Typical Grey’s. Oh wait, we see it. Mark Sloan, lying in a bed barely alive. WHAT THE CRAP SON? Tears, man, tears. Callie and Shepherd both seem to have conversations with sleeping Mark and it’s pretty tragic to watch.
FLASHBACK…Shepherd and Addison’s wedding, where Mark and Shepherd have a moment. Yeah. More tears.
FLASHBACK AGAIN…Callie and Sloan gettin’ it on.
Bailey lets Meredith know she is dubbed Medusa. Bailey is told by the ex-chief that she has a new nickname but he will not tell her. In Minnesota, Christina tries to get away from the ever talkative Mr. Feeny, and everyone there is absolutely nice about it. Christina doesn’t belong here. During an Ipad conversation, Christina and Meredith talk about how hard it is for them to get on planes now after the crash. She wants to be there by five because five is important. We still don’t know why. We don’t know anything. It is also time for the intern appendectomy (remember 007, RIP George) and Meredith gets to choose. She picks Heigl clone, rejoice!
The new pediatric attending shows up to replace Arizona, again we still don’t know what happened to her but everyone keeps trying to comfort Callie. Did she die? Did I miss something? GAH. So Callie goes and cries in a storage closet where Karev brings his latest lady to makeout with before he goes to Johns Hopkins.
FLASHBACK…Avery and Sloan. They always had a bond. He talks to his lifeless body, too. I find that sort of sweet and creepy at the same time. Christina says she will not get on the plane so Meredith offers to skype her at five o clock. Bailey is busy with her boyfriend in the on call room, looks over some labs and all of the interns hear her moaning and groaning. Awkward, she’s acting LIKE an intern. Karev finds out that the new pediatric attending isn’t going to continue his exchange program from Africa, that bums Karev out. That was his baby. That would have never happened with Arizona.
While Meredith is overseeing the intern appey, all the interns are talking smack with the intercom on. Good job you guys.
FLASHBACK…Mark at Callie and Arizona’s wedding telling the videographer that they will be together for ever. The videographer asks him who he hopes to be with dancing with at his granddaughters wedding…and he says Lexie Grey. RIP Lexie Grey.
It’s five pm. Time to say goodbye to Mark. His living will states that after 30 days he wants to be taken off bypass. OHMYGOODLORDNOTHISISTOOSAD. The ex-chief explains everything that is going to happen, and Callie and Shepherd stay in with him as his heart stops. Montage of everyone looking at their clock, no matter where they are. Finally they are starting to open up about what happened out there. Avery, Meredith, Bailey, Karev are all sitting in the waiting room, waiting for Sloan to pass. Meredith exclaims she has to go and see Christina, she has to go to the airport. Heigl intern is caught bawling in the hallway by the Chief who tells her to man up. After Christina tells her Chief that she needs Mr. Feeny to leave her alone, he tells her that she needs to take a mandatory vacation, things are done differently in Minnesota than they are in Seattle. As Karev walks out the door he tells Bailey her new nickname is BCB for Booty call Bailey, because she only seems happy when boyfriend is around. So much different than when Bailey was miserable and terrifying.
At the airport Meredith and Karev have a heart to heart where he tells her he cannot stay and hold her hand anymore, he has to move on with his life. She is whiny and he is a jackass and it’s like it’s always been. He seems to feel guilt because he wasn’t on the plane that crashed. Chief Hunt is also catching a plane…to where?
And then, Mark Sloan dies. Please take a moment to sob your damn little heart out.
FLASHBACK…to Mark holding baby Sophia. SOB SOB SOB.
Meredith gets no the plane and then gets off the plane. Big scene, yadda, yadda. So she seeks solace in the airport bar and skypes Christina when Alex sits down next to her. He can’t get on the plane either, he doesn’t want the new attending to screw up what he had with Arizona. He tells Christina to tell Chief Hunt that he is staying, he saw him getting on a plane. Turns out Chief Hunt isn’t going to see Christina, he is going to see Kepner who is now a farmer. He tells her that Mark has passed on and he would like to have her back. None of this makes sense, so if you’re confused right now that is normal. He apologizes to Kepner and tells her to please come back, he can help her. Aw.
Callie opens her bedroom door to see a sleeping Arizona. SHE IS NOT DEAD. OH BUT SHE DOES NOT HAVE A LEG. GAH, sob cry bawl wtf. Thanks for saving that until then end now that I’m already depressed.
And the final FLASHBACK…Arizona trying to take a photo of Mark, Callie and Sophia…Mark steps in and snaps a beautiful photo of himself…
Mark Sloan 1968-2012.

Best of the episode: Contrary to what I’ve read/heard about the way they did this, I liked how they didn’t explain everything all at once…they’re waiting until next week. I thought it followed true Grey’s fashion.

Worst of the episode: Mark dying. Obviously. He was one of the best characters and one of my reasons for still watching this ridiculously depressing show and now he’s gone so all I have is Karev.

Where this episode left us: With more questions than we originally had. How did Arizona lose her leg? How did Mark get so bad from the time the crash happened until his death, he seemed fine? What happened between Christina and Chief Hunt?

Best one-liner: Truthfully, even after watching this twice I cannot even give you a line. I can’t. Nothing sums it up the way I want it to.

What this episode ruined for us: Oh, just my life.


Yep, that’s right. I gave it five.

Holler, Jordan.


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