The Big Bang Theory – The Date Night Variable

S06xE01 – Howard is up in space! And he’s married! Who’d a thunk? Unfortunately his mother can still reach him, and you feel bad for him for a minute, and then you remember he’s in space, something most of us will never experience. Meanwhile back down on Earth Amy and Penny are talking about how Leonard proposed to Penny during sex, and that their relationship isn’t the same. Again Who’d a thunk?

At work Sheldon tells Leonard and Raj that he has a date with Amy and somehow Raj invites himself along. Sheldon is actually ok with him tagging along because it seems he found a loop hole in his contractual agreement with Amy where he is required to touch her, but it doesn’t say he can’t outsource it. Lucky Raj!  When they get to the restaurant Amy learns Raj is joining and is considerably upset, but Raj sees it as a chance to get to know Amy. Yeah not going to happen. Leonard and Penny also have a date of the casual type at home, where Leonard uses his super powers of relationship destruction on Penny. Leonard wants to talk about his feels, Penny just wants to watch football. Oh the roll reversals.

Raj felt bad about crashing Sheldon and Amy’s date, so he shows up to crash Leonard and Penny’s. Raj gets drunk so he can talk to Penny because you know that’s the only way he can talk to girls, and he manages to conjure up his own super powers, but of annoyance. He tries to force Penny into saying she loves Leonard, but his powers worked so well he gets kicked out. Raj is a poor third wheel without Howard.

Back in space, Howard is video chatting with Bernadette, but she’s upset that Howard never told his mother they’re moving out. Now Howard is required to tell his mother, but cowers away of course and tells her that he will talk to Bernadette about staying.

Amy is trying to seduce Sheldon, but he’s so dense in the relationship world that he doesn’t see it. So she gets even more upset and threatens to end things with him if he doesn’t say something meaningful to her. So Sheldon quotes some lines from the first spiderman movie and it does the trick, Amy is content. Really she’s desperate, but whatever floats her boat.

Raj has obviously been feeling lost without Howard this entire time, so after he’s done playing the third wheel, he heads down to the comic book store and drinks it up with Stewart. And dances. It’s awkward and they realize it too. Raj asks Stewart if he’d like to hang out the next night, and like that they have a date. Stewart says he could do worse, and he’s right, because Raj is a catch. Sometimes.

We end up back in space with Bernadette thinking Howard has fixed the living situation with his mom, unbeknownst to her he lied, but he lied to his mother too. He’s a dead man. Go Howard.

Best of the episode: Raj and Stewart having their moment and then planning a date. I think they could be a cute couple someday.

Worst of the episode: Too much of Howard’s mother. I think it’s a gag that’s grown old.

Where did this episode leave us?: Wanting to know if Howard and Bernadette are actually going to get to move out, and if Penny and Leonard can patch things up.

Best one-liner: Amy – “If Sheldon proposed to me during sex, my ovaries would grab onto him and never let go.”

What the episode ruined for us: Amy and sex.


– a la Chryshele


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