Glee – Makeover


S04xE03 – This time they don’t mess around, they immediately go into Blaine’s rendition of Everybody Wants To Rule The World. That is his way of deciding to run for class President against Brittany. Kurt has an interview at with Isabelle Wright who will now be known as Carrie Bradshaw because within two seconds of meeting her that is exactly who she is, just with a different name and no Big (maybe she married Aiden??). They discuss Kurt’s style and fall in love and she gives him the job and loves his hippo broach.
Brittany asks Artie to be her Vice President and he has to tell her yet again that he isn’t part robot. Mr. Schue is out of ideas, so much that he even resorts to discussing it with Sue. Trouty mouth is bummed that Brittany didn’t ask him to be her VP so she pairs him with Blaine. Carrie Bradshaw is discussing leather. She asks Kurt his opinion, he says leather is stupid and she pours her heart out. I really love Carrie Bradshaw. Blaine and Trouty Mouth and Brittany and Artie are holding practice dates. Blaine 1, Brittany 0 until she starts singing Celebrity Skin. Hole is GOOD. Trouty Mouth does better than Brittany, she should stick to singing Britney. If that makes sense?
Mr. Schue is running a show choir committee meeting and it seems he’s re-evaluating his life choices. AND WHAT IS THAT KIRK FROM GILMORE GIRLS? Yes. Rachel is also re-evaluating her life choices, but they are fashion choices. So Kurt decides to help her out by giving her a new wardrobe which is sooo Devil Wears Prada OR real Carrie Bradshaw raiding the real Vogue closet on Sex and the City. And I knew that Carrie Bradshaw would show up good lord. I’m not sure about this. Oh, she’s on board? Okay fashion montage!!!!
I’m going to comment on the use of ipads now to communicate, it was on Grey’s Anatomy last night and now it’s on Glee. Is this a thing now?
Kurt and Blaine are having an ipad date. Blaine also seems like he is feeling neglected since Kurt no longer cares about his bowties. Mr. Schue shows up at Emma’s office for some non-fiance advice. And she of course motivates him. They push the wedding again so that he can pursue another job, he can fill out an application to help art programs around the country for several months. And Emma supports this.
The debate is on, I’m still for Blaine/Trouty mouth. Sue is there to sort of mediate it seems and she has absolutely no idea what she is doing. Blaine is the new Obama. Brittany is revoking your weekends because you are the 47%. Sorry.
Anna Wintour loves Kurts montage, they are going to re-shoot, but he gets credit. Baller. And now he gets to sit in on their non-leather meeting.
AND DAMN RACHEL LOOKS HOT. Seriously I think she is rocking her makeover look, and Brody of course noticed her as she happens to be stretching in her shorty-shorts. He tries to date her again, her heart beats Finn-Finn. I miss Finn. Rachel feels like singing some Sheryl Crow, and she does a good job. A Change Will Do You Good sung running through the streets of NYC in yet another montage. And I really thought they were going to make out.
Blaine won, didn’t tell Kurt he won and this makes me a little sad. He came to McKinley for Kurt and now he feels it’s worth nothing. But Sam kind of tries to make Blaine feel better. He wants to be his bff and I think that’s a winning combo.
Brody shows up at Rachel, Moon River singing in the background, and now I’m wondering if she’s just moved on from Finn? I am confused, she pined for him for three seasons and now she’s like oh bye Finn. Ew. AND OMG THEY KISS AND I KNOW WHO THAT IS KNOCKING IT IS FINN. And there goes my heart, it just broke I hate this show the end.

Best of the episode: Rachel’s new look definitely suits her.

Worst of the episode: Uh the last 30 seconds, wtf poor Finn.

Where did this episode leave us: See above.

Best one-liner: One of the committee guys – “I’m going to have a shame triscuit.”

What this episode ruined for us: Long distance relationships. And realizing that SJP will always be Carrie Bradshaw no matter how hard she doesn’t try.


Holler, Jordan


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