Hawaii Five-0 – La O Na Makuahine (Mother’s Day)

S03xE01 – The episode begins with McGarrett finding his mother in Japan. Turns out Shelburne is her code name from when she was a spy. She was hired to kill Wo Fat’s father, and had to fake her death and go into hiding for fear that Wo Fat would hurt her family. McGarrett is understandably upset about this, but decides now that Wo Fat is behind bars and being transferred to the main land, that it’s safe to bring his mother home.

Meanwhile Chin loses his wife after the ultimatum he was given by Frank Delano to choose between his wife who had been shot, and Kono who had been thrown overboard. Chin chose his wife, and still lost. So sad! Adam, Kono’s recent boyfriend, saves Kono just when you think she’s not going to make it. We find out later that Chin tried to save both his wife and Kono by calling Adam to save Kono. Maybe Adam isn’t so bad after all.

While McGarrett is telling his mother that it’s safe to go home, we watch the transfer of Wo Fat, which turns into an elaborate escape orchestrated by Delano. And by elaborate I mean, a helicopter with a big claw that grabs the armored vehicle, carries it over the ocean and drops it in where there are men in scuba gear waiting to break him out and bring him up to the ship above. Yeah.

McGarrett lands with his mother and is greeted by Danny who tells them that Wo Fat escaped and that Chin’s wife is dead. Five-0 discovers that Delano and Wo Fat are working together after finding them on surveillance leaving the dock. They start their man hunt.

We meet up with Delano and Wo Fat in a home where we find out that Delano wants to make a deal with Wo Fat. If Wo Fat helps Delano unload a large load of meth onto the island, Delano will give Wo Fat the information of where to find Shelburne, which happens to be at a guarded safe house. Delano should just work with The Heisenberg. No? Ok….

During the search for Delano and Wo Fat, Five-0 finds the house they were staying at and it’s full of bodies. Construction workers to be exact. They were killed for their uniforms so they could break into HPD evidence where all of the meth is being held. Yeah not exactly how Delano explained it. They succeed with the heist until Five-0 catches up with them in a convenient car accident traffic jam. With nowhere to go, a shootout begins in the middle of the traffic Chin sees Delano and goes after him. When Chin catches up with him, he manages to shoot him down leaving him with the option to kill him or arrest him. Chin opted for the killing. I don’t blame him, Delano did kill his wife. Eye for an eye.

Wo fat escapes the scene (he is host of Iron Chef after all), but one of Delano’s men know where he is. He mutters something to McGarrett, leading him to think Wo Fat is headed toward his mother in the safe house. Wo Fat makes it into the house after killing the officers guarding the house. Wo Fat comes face to face with Shelburne who asked to be armed when she heard he might be coming. You hear a shoot out between Shelburne and Wo Fat, but don’t know who survived if anyone. McGarrett gets up the stairs to see his mother standing there and Wo Fat gone of course. The man who never dies.

Next we see Chin come home to a blood stained rug and dinner in the oven. He breaks down, and I cry with him. And now that Wo Fat is on the loose again, McGarrett has to send his mom off into hiding once more unable to know where she will be. I start to cry again. But then Danny comes over and tells McGarrett that the only gun shot was the one Shelburne handled and all slugs were found in the floor. She never even shot at Wo Fat and let him get away. What?? I’m not crying anymore.

Best of the episode: That McGarrett is no longer an orphan. His reunion with his mother was cold at first, but he finally comes around and calls her mom. Aw.

Worst of the episode: No real happy ending for anyone, except for Kono reconciling with Adam after he saved her. Basically everyone’s life is still in the crapper.

Where did the episode leave us: Wanting to know more about Shelburne and why she seems to be in Wo Fat’s pocket somehow.

Best one-liner: Not necessarily a line, but Danny’s phone playing “Evil Woman” when his ex-wife calls was pretty good.

What the episode ruined for us: The thought of McGarrett having a relationship with his mother.


– a la Chryshele


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