The New Normal – Obama Mama


S01xE04 – Goldie has prego cravings of cheeseburgers. ME TOO minus the prego. Bryan and David show up and are trying to get her to go organic. They also have mail to bring Goldie that was forwarded to them, along with an absentee ballot. Shania explains that her school is doing a mock election. Who is she voting for? Obama. Who is her mom voting for? Romney. WHAT THE CRAP that isn’t right? You have to vote for who your parents vote for, duh! The couple of course is not a fan of this so here they want to change her mind. Also, so does NanaBigot. They fight back and forth: Romney, no, Obama, no. Gah. They both make some very valid points of course.
This discussion/fight leads Bryan and David to realize they do not have any black friends to invite to the party they told NanaBigot they were throwing on Friday. They are phony liberal frauds! How will this be resolved?
Rocky is on set picking wardrobe choices for Bryan, and its only here he realizes that Rocky is black and can be his black friend. And her friends can also be his black friends. Turns out Rocky only has white friends. Go figure, right?
Bryan enlists a waiter/actor to act opposite NanaBigot and then Rocky’s attractive brother shows up and yes, he enjoys Goldie. Swoon. Waiter/actor who will now be referred to as black Frasier is apparently not fooling anyone either. This is gon’ get bad.
As the party continues NanaBigot fights with Rocky over the budding relationship of her brother and Goldie…a debate begins about healthcare…yadda. Nana doesn’t want the government making decisions; the liberals think healthcare should be for everyone. Sounds like Thanksgiving at my parent’s house.
I will say this about Nana, she is a passionate person. Where I don’t always agree with her motives I believe that her intentions are in the right place. Wow, that was really hard to say. And then she goes and apologizes, but again her motives. She seems to want to make sure the baby is announced to break up the budding relationship of Goldie and Rocky’s brother. Oy, good job, NanaBigot.
Wow, turns out Rocky’s brother is a republican and this intrigues NanaBigot. Maybe she spoke too soon? However she does call out Bryan and David on their party being a sham, which unfortunately it was. The jig is up, the caterer explains he is not a guest, and everything falls apart. But they can all collectively come together and find Goldie who is face first in a burger. And for the record, I am like Bryan. Trying to be healthy in a cheeseburger craving world, ugh.
Oh yeah, the mail that Bryan and David brought to Goldie? Apparently there was a letter advising Goldie that her ex-husband is suing her for custody and she must return to Ohio with Shania. No.
Shania voted for Obama, but it took her a long time to decide, she actually weighed the issues. Good girl. Bryan and David find that they do want to have more diversity in their lives and in the baby’s life. That’s a good decision on their part. Goldie makes friends with another colorful family who is also expecting, they don’t bat an eye at Bryan and David’s “lifestyle”. All is well with this world. Turns out the colorful family was in need of some gay friends. It is win win.

Best of the episode: The fact that they didn’t stick JUST to one side of politics. Television shouldn’t really be about that, they presented the facts of both sides and I really don’t feel it came out to favor one party over the other, which I’m sure was hard given the context of the show. Good job.

Worst of the episode: It seems like this show is truly trying to have an agenda which I’m not sure I’m digging. I have nothing at all against the agenda I just worry that it’s taking precedance over the storyline. So there’s that.

Where this episode leaves us: Goldie is summoned back to Ohio to fight for custody of Shania.

Best one-liner: Okay I have two. “He’s of a hue.” – referring to a person of color, and I couldn’t leave out Bryan’s “I’m not sure black Frasier is convincing anyone.” Seriously how could I not love that line? FRASIER!

What this episode ruined for us: Not sure how to word this but it really made me think that television should just leave politics alone. Eh.


Holler, Jordan


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