New Girl – Re-launch

S02xE01 – Jess gets laid off from her teaching job due to cut backs. Schmidt finally gets the cast off his penis and decides to throw a “re-branding” event, basically telling the girls he’s back on the market. Yeah I know a lot of guys who do this… After finding out Jess lost her job, the guys expect her to break down, but she holds it together. She starts to look for a new job when she decides she can work for Schmidt on his big event. Schmidt is reluctant because he’s worried her emotions will get in the way, but makes her a shot girl. That wasn’t the greatest idea, she’s not getting the business, and isn’t putting herself out there to do so.

Cece shows up to Schmidt’s party even though he broke up with her and brings her new boyfriend along. He is further from her type than Schmidt was, but seems nice enough. Even if Schmidt won’t give him a chance. Meanwhile Nick gives Jess a “pep” talk about needing to be a better shot girl, so she gets up and starts dancing in the awkward way only she knows how to do. And that’s when it finally hits her that she lost her job. Schmidt for some reason decides to throw around fire balls to impress Cece, and after he nearly burns the place down, they talk and smooth things over. Well the best way that Schmidt can. Nick tracks Jess down after she leaves the party and finds her mulling over her job loss in the school parking lot. He consoles her. It’s sweet.

Best of the episode: Schmidt’s shower diaper for his broken penis. Seriously it’s a garbage bag wrapped around him like a diaper.

Worst of the episode: Fat Schmidt puking to get out of an exam in a flashback. I almost puked myself from Nick’s mustache in the flashback. Also Schmidt’s penis cast being thrown on the table wasn’t very pleasant either. Geez Schmidt, that deserved some cash in the DB jar.

Where did this episode leave us?: Knowing that something is bound to happen between Nick and Jess. All last season they were hinting about it, and I think finally something is going to happen. The episode also left us wondering how long it will be before Schmidt breaks his penis again.

Best one-liner: Schmidt to Winston about wearing a suit – “Psh suit. That’s something they let Morgan Freeman wear when they let him out of Shawshank.”

What the episode ruined for us: The word Penis.


– a la Chryshele


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