Go On – Bench-Clearing Bawl

S01xE04 – Ryan is trying to find a spot in his house for his life size cardboard picture of himself, and decides to give away Janie’s sewing machine to Sonia to make room. Lauren doesn’t think it’s a good idea, and that he’s not emotionally prepared to give it away, to which Ryan naturally disagrees. While at work Ryan hears there’s an opening on a hockey team that he’s been trying to get into forever and wants Carrie to get him in the game. Turns out Ryan has been less than kind to Jeremy Roenick and it takes Steven to get him in by playing the dead wife card. Back in group they’re making collages to express the past and future, when Anne and Ryan talk about how it sucks to go to weddings when they’re other half is gone. So Ryan offers to go with Anne to a friend’s wedding.

Ryan is having a great hockey game, making all the goals, all the while not knowing that it’s being thrown because of Steven using Ryan’s wife’s death. Later Ryan and Anne attend the wedding and almost immediately Ryan notices a girl checking Anne out. Ryan tries to coax Anne into going over to her, but Anne’s nervous about it. The girl ends up coming over to Anne and with Ryan’s help she starts chatting it up with the girl.

Ryan is back at work the next day doing his show when Lauren finally gets Ryan to cry by showing Sonia’s collage to him, unfortunately he’s on the air when he sees a picture of Sonia sewing a swimsuit for her cat with Janie’s sewing machine. Cue the waterworks. Ryan’s upset because he now cries at everything (Chandler anyone?), and wants Lauren to fix it. Lauren in turn tells him she can’t fix it, but he can by working on the collage he’s been avoiding. Ryan begins a half-hearted attempt to work on it, when he gets interrupted by Anne showing up freaking out about her date, and the fact that the girl tried to kiss her. After talking for a while they both say they want to move forward and apparently Anne’s way to do that is to kiss Ryan. Ryan wasn’t really on the same page as Anne.

Later the support group shows up to watch Ryan play his game, and Steven decides to get a conscience right before the game, and lets Ryan know they’ve been going easy on him out on the rink. Surprisingly he wasn’t too upset about it and goes out there and puts a stop to it. And so they beat the crap out of him. In the end we see that Ryan actually completes his collage and thanks Lauren for the breakthrough. Yay for more breakthroughs!

Best of the episode: Seeing all of the collages the group made. Mr. K’s was scary, and Sonia’s was hilarious.

Worst of the episode: Not very much of blind guy George. He’s my favorite in the group.

Where did this episode leave us: Ryan yet again having another breakthrough. It really is ok to cry and not be strong all the time.

Best one-liner: A woman complimenting Ryan at the wedding about helping Lesbians everywhere, to which Ryan replies – “Do you think I’m Rachel Maddow?”

What the episode ruined for us: Rachel Maddow


– a la Chryshele


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