Mike & Molly – The Honeymoon is Over

S03xE01 – Mike and Molly are enjoying the tail end of their honeymoon in Paris and are preparing for the long trip home. Luckily Molly spent all her frequent flyer miles so they could travel in first class style. Meanwhile Carl is very butt-hurt about not hearing from Mike the entire two weeks he’s been gone, and lets it be known to everyone he speaks with, even his temporary partner. Carl even goes as far as to say he doesn’t miss Mike and that his temporary partner is exemplary in everything, far surpassing Mike. Molly’s family doesn’t seem to be missing Mike and Molly either. They take great enjoyment in getting drunk, talking smack about the couple and then proceeding to open all of their wedding gifts. On the plane ride home Mike starts to reminisce about the trip and the bidets. So he makes a bucket list of places he would like to visit, and they all include eating food. During a trip to the lavatory, Mike experiences some turbulence action from the plane and decides Chicago is good for him. Carl has to say goodbye to his temporary partner and does so by giving him a gift. Carl gets a gift in return; a big fat kiss from his gay temporary partner. Carl doesn’t miss Mike anymore.

Best of the episode: The discussion of the bidet between Mike and Molly on the plane, the fact that the airline provides pajamas for the first class passengers and that they actually fit Mike, and Vince, Joyce and Victoria getting drunk off Tang and tequila. Who doesn’t love Tang?

Worst of the episode: Carl pretending that he didn’t miss Mike. Honestly I’m grasping here, the episode was pretty darn good.

Where did this episode leave us?: Wanting to know how married life is going to be between Mike and Molly since they are living in Molly’s mother’s house. I’m guessing pretty much the same as it has been.

Best one-liner: Molly to Mike about his bucket list -“You should climb Mt. Everest. I hear they have snow cones up there.” (all of his items involved eating something easily available in a not so easy destination).

What the episode ruined for us: Bidets and toilets


– a la Chryshele


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