How I Met Your Mother – Farhampton

Right in the feels.

S08xE01 – We begin with the text…”a little down the road”. We see Ted sitting in the rain at a train station named Farhampton…a nice lady asks him where he’s been and thus the story begins. This puts us right back where season 7 ended, we found out that Robin was the bride to Barney’s groom. But how did we get here, I thought that Barney had just proposed to Quinn? Well either way, we know now that eventually Robin and Barney get hitched, and with that, Robin tells Ted she can’t go through with the wedding, she wants to shimmy down the drain pipe. Ted mentions that he once had to shimmy up that drain pipe which takes us back to the present…
Back at the Erickson/Aldrin household, everyone is fawning over baby Marv and Quinn and Barney’s engagement announcement. Marshall and Lily haven’t slept for years it seems so Robin tries to get them to go to bed. They insist they are fine so she proceeds to explain that she is okay with Barney and Quinn getting married because of a bunch of reasons that are muffled because Marshall and Lily aren’t fine. Quinn asks both Lily and Robin to be her bridesmaids and tells Marshall that he cannot and he is sad. Turns out Quinn has absolutely no idea that Robin and Barney used to date and its really hard to tell that to Lily since she cannot remember a thing that is told to her after 1 minute.
Back with Ted abducting Victoria before her wedding with Klaus, he tells her how important it is to leave a note, so now he must take her back to the wedding venue so she can leave one. I never liked Victoria.
Barney and Robin discuss a little more how easy it was to erase Robin from Barney’s life, there is no way she’ll ever find out they were together. They try to explain to the delusional Marshall and Lily that they cannot tell Quinn about Robin and Barney’s past to which they agree but have no idea about.
Victoria has given Ted the task of delivering the note. Multiple problems arise. He won’t shimmy the drainpipe because of fourth grade, he can’t go in the front door because of the grooms sister threatening to hurt him. So he has Barney seduce her over the phone to get her to go into a broom closet…then Ted sneaks in and leaves the note…and his car keys. While in the meantime, Marshall and Lily spill Barney and Robin’s secret to Quinn. Ahhhh. After Barney finally admitting everything, Quinn cannot take that he lied to her and she bails out.
Ted runs into Klaus saying he has to leave the wedding, and that he left Victoria a note. This gives Ted the balls to shimmy up that drain pipe and make it seem like Victoria discovered Klaus’s note and nothing was her fault at all. After doing all of this he has one piece of unfinished business.
Robin explains to Quinn that she has met a new dude named Nick (during Marshal and Lily’s fugue state, obviously) and so she has no desire to be back with Barney. Quinn doesn’t buy it, she says she will always be insecure, so the three of them head to Maclaren’s to meet Nick and his abs and Quinn agrees that they are amazing so she is just fine being with Barney. On his exit Barney gives Robin a key in lieu of explaining how “easy” it was to get rid of her…622 W 14Th Street.
Ted goes to the train station at Farhampton to ask Klaus why he couldn’t marry Victoria. After a long exchange of German words he basically tells Ted that as amazing as she is, she isn’t the one, and he’ll know when he meets the one (I adore Klaus, he’s adorable).
In a musical monologue, Robin goes to the address and finds a storage unit full of Barney/Robin memorabilia.
Ted takes what Klaus says to heart…we flashforward to “a little down the road.” A woman steps out of a cab at Farhampton with a yellow umbrella and a guitar. She stands about five feet from where Ted Mosby is telling the nice old lady his story. AND THEN I BAWL INFINITE TEARS.

Best of the episode: Uh, duh, seeing as much of the mother as we did!!!

Worst of the episode: The only thing I really didn’t like was Robin’s new boyfriend Nick…we didn’t get a real explanation of them so I’m left going uh what?

Where this episode left us: Just wanting to know more and more about the mother, hello they were this close!

Best one-liner: Klaus – “I don’t know what kind of vibe I was giving off before, but I am not interested in your schnitzel.”

What this episode ruined for us: It seemed like it was trying to ruin marriage for a bit, but then you have to think of the point of the show…ahhh.


Holler, Jordan.


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