The Office – The New Guys


S08xE01: Oh The Office we will see how this goes. You’ve been downhill the last few seasons, especially after Michael Scott bailed (sob). So Andy is coming back to the office, DAVID WALLACE IN THE HOUSE (only reason I truly started re-watching) and Maury Pauvich points a big finger in Dwight’s face because HE IS NOT THE FATHER. Jim and Pam discuss how boring their lives are and this is one of the few times we see them talking to the “documentary” crew…as they take off their mics they talk about how nothing will ever happen. Jim’s friend however is starting a business based off of an idea Jim had back in the day, but it is in Philly so of course it won’t work out, but Jim gives the doc crew his signature look before leaving the room so, maybe…? Obviously Kelly moved and became a doctor on FOX (or moved to Ohio) and Ryan followed her (to Ohio). There are two younger dudes that hang out back in HR with Toby, one I think might have been in IT here before, or he was in another show, I don’t remember. But he looks familiar. They call Pete “The New Jim” and the old Jim doesn’t like that. Also there is a British lass from Dr. Who, some people should dig that! Oh and Clark is Dwight Jr aka Plop. Now Dwight can have the child he never had. Dwight might be confused with how kids work but this may be the closest he comes. Angela needs to find someone to adopt one of her cats, Comstock. Andy begins to hate Toby, Dwight tries to bond with his “son” over a Slayer concert. So far this is not half bad.
Jim takes the opportunity to mess with Dwight, while Andy tries to get the office to bond over games he learned at his summer retreat. Glory how many times can I feel bad for Dwight? I always seem to sympathize with him, he is not good at office games where Dwight Jr is. That being said, Dwight needs to create an even better super game so he enlists the help of the only person that humors him, Pam. I love their friendship so much. If only he could get her to hate her “boring” life and do his insane crazy super game with him!
The love story of Oscar and Angela’s gay husband continues as Oscar agrees to take Comstock to impress gay husband and while Dwight tries to bicycle over the parking lot, Jim accepts the offer from the friend in Philly unbeknownst to Pam who really does like her boring life. Hmmm. The fireman have to come and get Dwight down from his rope after his attempt falls, all while Creed thinks it’s just a circus act. Basically this whole show is a circus act.

Best of the episode: Kelly Kapour’s exit, I really hope they still elaborate on what happens to her.

Worst of the episode: Sorry Dr. WHo fans, but I HATE Nellie. I’m sure her character on Who was fine, but she is dreadful as a part of Dunder Mifflin.

Where did this episode leave us: So will Jim and Pam leave now that the show is coming to an end? Yeah.

Best one-liner: Jim- “I have nothing in common with Plop.”

What this episode ruined for us: CPR animal rescue. Just let the turtle go in peace, Kevin.


Holler, Jordan


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