Parenthood – Left Field

S04xE02 – We open with Crosby and Jasmine having sex on the kitchen floor while Jabbar is away. Classy. Kristina is looking up puppies on the internet while Adam is making fun of her saying she’s looking to replace Haddie with a dog, and tries to talk her out of the idea in whole. Drew is now a senior and Sarah and Zeke need to torture him before he heads off to school, by taking pictures and giving lame advice. Ah family.

It’s Victor’s first day of school as well and he pretends to be sick. It’s tough being the new kid. Adam, Crosby and Amber are having a staff meeting to discuss bookings, when Adam’s phone continually dings. Crosby takes notice and steals his phone seeing that it’s calendar event notifications from Kristina, and one happens to be funky town at 10pm. They schedule their sex. Yes! Drew drives Amy to school and tells her he is allowed to have the car two days a week and can carpool now. She is very distant and turns out she met another guy at camp and breaks up with him in the car. Poor Drew!

Victor is a little punk and not really sick. Joel stays home with him because someone has to. Victor is playing video games, but when Julia calls to check in on him Victor plays another game; faking sick. Joel is not happy, because Victor is a horrible liar. I really think it’s because he’s faking sick, but that’s really the same thing. Sarah is at work with Hank when Drew comes by after school. Drew does his best to avoid the awkward breakup conversation with his mother, but fails miserably and has to tell Sarah in front of Hank.

Later that night Crosby tells Jasmine about Adam’s phone dinging when Kristina adds events to his schedule, and Jasmine tries to tell Crosby it’s not a bad idea. Crosby is not very receptive to the idea. Adam comes home singing Funky Town, if that’s not creepy, but it’s cut short when Kristina says she made a “whoopsie” today and tells Adam she accidentally told Max about the possibility of getting a dog. Yeah now it has to happen.

Julia is being a push over with Victor by letting him stay home from school again. She somehow sees this as showing love. Sydney tries to pull the same act, but it doesn’t work so well on the parents. Adam and Kristina go looking for a dog with Max. They end up at the house of a lesbian couple who breed golden retrievers. They have what looks like 15 dogs living with them. Apparently they’re show dogs and they cost $1200 each. Max thinks they can just shell out that money, you know cuz they’re suddenly rich. They end up leaving the place without a dog, because they really aren’t rich and Adam really doesn’t want a dog. Later that day Adam negotiates with Kristina that if they get the dog, he gets whatever he wants, which happens to be funky town to which Kristina agrees. Then Kristina gets a call saying the dog was sold. No funky town for Adam, and cue the tantrum from Max.

Julia takes Victor and Sydney to school. Victor is hesitant, so Julia talks to him about being brave. Julia makes a promise to not leave the school parking lot the entire day if Victor goes into school. Wow, that’s a hell of a promise. And she keeps it, Victor witnesses this when he goes out to recess and sees Julia in the car waving to him. I don’t think I would have kept that promise. Good thing I’m not a parent.

Hank decides he’s going to give Sarah advice about how she’s handling Drew’s breakup. His advice is to have Drew sleep with Amy’s best friend to get back at her. Shockingly Sarah is upset over this. I wonder why? Crosby forgets Jabbar at school, and Jasmine is pissed about it. Which brings up the underlying problem that Jasmine has been bottling up: Crosby’s disregard of having an actual schedule, so he doesn’t miss dinners with friends, or picking up his child from school. That’s understandable.

So now Hank is talking to Drew telling his story of his experience with girls. The talk actually comes out to be positive surprisingly, with it ending by Hank telling Drew it’s ok to be sad. Kristina admits she isn’t handling Haddie’s departure to school well and Adam decides they are going to get a puppy, not to replace Haddie, but to help make Kristina feel better. I think it’s to replace Haddie.

Sarah later talks to Drew about what Hank said, and Drew ends the conversation by making a suicide joke. Bound to have some hate mail coming NBC’s way soon. Julia has to catch up on work now that she didn’t go into work and instead spent the day at the school. Joel catches her working at 3am and they talk about it. Adam and Kristina are getting a dog with Max at 3pm. Kristina has a doctor’s appointment and will meet them there. Victor asks Julia why she stayed at the school the previous day to which she answers that in their family when they say they’re going to do something they do it.

Sarah made Hank brownies to tell him not to talk to Drew about personal stuff anymore, and then to thank him for doing just that. They have a moment. It’s getting more obvious that something is going to happen between those two. Crosby makes up with Jasmine by syncing their calendars and conforming to the schedule idea. Kristina has a mammogram and even though you don’t get to actually hear the results, you can tell it’s not good news. Kristina shows up to meet Adam about the puppy and he can tell something’s wrong. She tells him, and I start to cry. Oh and they do too. The End.

Best of the episode: Hank. Even though he is crass and cold. I really like him, and I think he could be the perfect balance to Sarah. I could be totally wrong at the same time.

Worst of the episode: Not enough Zeke. I love Zeke.

Where did this episode leave us?: With knowing that Kristina has breast cancer. From the previews for the next episode, it looks like that is going to be the main focus. The way we were informed about the diagnosis was actually done very beautifully in my opinion. There were no words spoken, just music played. Words weren’t needed, the point was made. This show is bound to make me cry at least once per episode, and this was that moment.

Best one-liner: Sarah as she’s seeing Drew off to school – “wash your hands!” 

What the episode ruined for us: That you can actually get medical test results for anything in the same visit.


– a la Chryshele


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