Hope Springs

Starring: Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones, Steve Carell

Arnold and Kay have lost the spark in their marriage after 30 years. They sleep in separate rooms and barely interact. Day in and day out, it’s the same routine and Kay has taken notice. Kay decides to bring back the spark and goes on the hunt for a solution. She comes across a book by Dr. Field, and discovers he holds intense counseling sessions in Maine. Kay books a flight out with a reluctant Arnold in tow. Throughout the sessions, Arnold is difficult, unwilling to share his thoughts, discuss his personal life, and feels there is no need to fix his marriage. You can tell he’s holding back, and finally has a breakthrough. They both do. You learn why Arnold is so against expressing how he feels, and it’s because he didn’t want to make Kay do things she doesn’t like to do. Therefore he has bottled everything up and closed himself off from her completely. Once Kay knows this about Arnold, she starts to change, and try the things he likes, but it seems she just can’t get it right. At the end of their session period, they have a set back and go home. It seems that they’re going to fall back into the same routine, but Kay won’t have it. She contemplates leaving Arnold, and it seems he knows she’s doing so. He does a turn about and lets Kay in. In the end Kay and Arnold have rekindled the fire, and renew their wedding vows on a beach, as Kay had expressed her dream to be.

Best of the movie: When Arnold finally comes around and realizes he may actually lose Kay. Although you don’t quite want to watch them do the dirty, you are so glad that he’s finally come around, you don’t care so much.

Worst of the movie: The at times too-much-information scenes. A lot of the movie was spent in their counseling sessions discussing their sex life. In detail. And by detail I mean positions, how it felt, what they like and don’t like about the positions, etc. I felt that you could still get the point across that they were having trouble in bed without discussing the minute details.

Where did this movie leave us?: A little uncomfortable about sex as an older couple. I think the movie tried to portray a lot of typical marriages later in life, and went to great detail about trying to renew the romance. This was cause for some very uncomfortable scenes. One in particular would be Kay attempting oral sex on Arnold in a theater during a French film.

Best one-liner: Arnold talking about one of his fantasies – “Having sex with Kay in my office under my desk…at tax time.”

What the movie ruined for us: French films.


– a la Chryshele


2 thoughts on “Hope Springs

    • You know I can’t remember word for word, and I tried to find a site that quoted the vows, but had no luck. Basically they made promises to each other, most were simple humorous things.
      Sorry I’m no help.

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