Go On – He Got Game, She Got Cats

S01xE02 – Ryan doesn’t like to be alone at home after losing his wife, so he continually comes up with reasons for him and his assistant Mary to stay late at work, and when he gets bored of the work, he comes up with “fun” ideas like guessing which pizza brand he’s eating, or being pushed in a chair across the office. We later find Ryan in group where he decides that action needs to be taken, he thinks there is too much stasis. So Ryan talks Sonia into dumping her boyfriend, and the group joins in. Meanwhile George the blind guy tells Ryan he needs to stop by George’s place to see a piece of basketball history. Sonia later shows up to Ryan’s work because she’s bored and her life is now empty. So Ryan tells Sonia that she should get a cat (always a good idea).  Mary is ready to leave work when Ryan says once more that she needs to stay late, to which Mary says no that she is going out. So what does Ryan do? He follows her, talks her friends into joining him for dinner and then tells Mary that they will have to work late. You see the look of death in Mary’s eyes at that point.

The next day Ryan and Steven go to George’s place to see the piece of sports history. Unfortunately the sports history which is supposedly a basketball signed by Wilt Chamberlain has been stolen unbeknownst to George. This prompts George to now take his possessions he deems valuable with him everywhere he goes. The poor guy. Later Sonia tells Ryan at the group meeting that she got a cat and then says that she’s worried her cat is lonely, so Ryan tells her to get a second cat. Ryan later at work shows off Sonia and her cats to Mary, where he discovers that there are possibly more than two cats in the pictures, but shrugs it off. Ryan asks Mary what they’re doing that night and Mary tries to avoid it, but ends up having to drag him along with her friends to a dryer bar (that’s where you get your hair blow dried out. Yep they have those I guess). Mary can’t handle it anymore and breaks it down for Ryan, to which he says he can’t be alone and needs to know someone is thinking about him when he’s not around (sounds creepy and egotistical, but really it’s sweet).

Ryan gets home after his talk with Mary and finds Sonia sitting on his door step where she has roughly six cats with her and tells Ryan that he needs to watch them because Lauren is checking on her and her place. Soon after, all the group members start dropping off cats. And while Sonia is telling Lauren that she doesn’t have any cats, Ryan calls to tell a different story. Lauren tells Ryan he has to get rid of the cats, and so therefore he ends up standing on a corner selling the cats.

The next day Ryan learns his lesson to shut his mouth in group from now on, and Lauren kept one cat as a group cat for Sonia’s sake. Ryan apologizes to Lauren and says he is never going to help anyone in the group ever again, and Lauren tells him not to go that far, but to help in his own way. So what does he do? Takes a blind man to a basketball game. It’s actually very sweet and Ryan gets a “thinking about you” text from Mary at the game. Awww.

Best of the episode: All the cats. I found it especially humorous that Sonia pawned off cats to every person in the group aside from Mr. K the super creepy guy, who just randomly shows up at Ryan’s place sans cats.

Worst of the episode: Creepy guy Mr. K dancing and touching George. Ew.

Where did this episode leave us?: Loving the fact that Ryan took George to a basketball game and got him floor seats. Ryan even comments on how he knows George is blind and the game won’t be the same as when he could see, but then George shows Ryan that you don’t need sight to enjoy the game, it’s all in the sounds. So touching!

Best one-liner: George about Mr. K touching him – “whoever is touching me better be a girl.”

What the episode ruined for us: The thought of ever having floor seats at a basketball game.


– a la Chryshele


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