The New Normal – Sofa’s Choice

S01xE02 – We open with Bryan being summoned by Rocky (do we truly know what Rocky does? Housekeeper?) to what appears to be the den/office. She shares with him a quirky caricature of him drawn onto his beautiful brown couch. It is believed to be the work of little Shania, maybe expressing herself due to all the “changes” she’s had to experience lately. Rocky also lets us know that Goldie’s pee test was negative and that may be a good thing considering if Bryan and David were to have a child this would be a snippet of an episode of “This Is Their Life”. So now it’s time to take a blood test just to be sure. This also gives David and Bryan a chance to inform Goldie that her mini-me soiled their couch and Goldie and David decide to let Bryan handle it so that he can play dad. He has a small heart to heart but Shania really pays no attention. Oh and did I mention that Shania is also going through a Grey Garden’s phase? ‘Cause she is. And basically Nana has nothing positive to say.
Considering they may not be ready to have a baby, they decide to recapture their youth and go out. “Going out” in case you don’t speak gay, means sitting at a dance club sipping a fruity beverage and listening to Bananarama. Best. Time. Ever. *Cuuuueeee Flashback* I love flashbacks. We get to see how David and Bryan met at the same dance club way back in the days of yore. When they realize that they’ve changed and prefer the company of each other and a couch and their DVR (good choice, guys), they leave, and an idea pops into their head. They offer their guest house to Goldie and Shania to make things easier on them, that was Shania will always have a babysitter on hand and Goldie will be able to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer. At first they accept and then they decline. They decline because the illusive Clay shows up (prompted by NanaBigot of course) to woo Goldie back and she wants to prove to her daughter that she is not a doormat.
Bryan and Shania have another heart to heart about not wanting to be like the norm, and being proud of who you are, it’s really quite sweet. Shania admits that where she didn’t draw on the couch, she knows who did: NanaBigot. NanaBigot wanted to turn off Bryan and David to having children but too late…the blood test results are in and they’re positive. We have a little potato.

Best Of The Episode: The FLASHBACK. Flashbacks will never be bad ever, I can’t say enough of them. I also must give props to the gays dogs of choice, border collies. Soft spot for those mutts.

Worst Of The Epsidoe: Sometimes it’s a wee bit too stereotypical for me. Gays can be subtle, too, you guys.

Where Did The Episode Leave Us: Not too much of a cliff hanger on this one. We know they’re prego, we know NanaBigot hates it (okay we don’t know but let’s assume) and we know that the next episode is called Baby Clothes so there’s that.

Best One-Liner: Bryan (about David’s eyes after removing his glasses) – “Oh God, no wonder you keep those things sheathed. They’re the color of Picasso’s most over-rated period, or a box from Tiffany.”

What The Episode Ruined For Us: I can tell you what it didn’t ruin? FLASHBACKS.


Holler, Jordan


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