Go On – Pilot

S01xE01 – Matthew Perry’s new series about a sports radio DJ who recently lost his wife, he is advised by his place of business to visit a support group to deal with the loss. This show was one of the new series that hulu made available early. I’d seen many promos for this over the summer and I was really looking forward to it. I love Chandler Bing and I wasn’t sure he could be topped…and he wasn’t…however Matthew Perry’s character Ryan King is just as loveable as Chandler. I didn’t think it was possible.

After only taking a month of leave after the death of his wife, Ryan shows up at the studio all too enthused to get back on the air. His boss feels he hasn’t grieved the loss and tells him he needs to attend ten session corporate mandated group therapy. Ryan shows up and in the only way he knows how takes over the group by turning it into a sporting event a la March Sadness (suggested by the ever quiet Owen). Somehow not only does this help everyone, it gives us insight to see how Ryan deals with grief…distraction. In a partnering session of heeling, Ryan is partnered with ever quiet Owen and they share their love for awkward internet videos and awkward people that chase the google car. Ryan also bonds with the group leader Lauren, and confides in her even after she tells him the only thing she’s ever lost is 40lbs. In an altercation in the parking garage of his studio Ryan goes off on a man in a car for texting while he’s driving and almost hitting him. In the next group meeting he admits that his wife was killed because she was texting and driving. This of course causes a breaththrough and the beginning of his healing process only to be interrupted by him and a few of the others (including ever quiet Owen) chasing down the Google car dressed as warriors. What? Coincidence? No! Comedy!!!

Best of the episode: I loved how they all came together at the end and chased the google car, that was a hilarious wrap-up. I almost must say in the midst of all the comedy, the tender telling of how his wife sent him a text about coffee and that his what killed her was really heartbreaking and real. Way to go, Chandler.

Worst of the episode: That I had to go the entire episode trying to get dead Monica out of my head.

Best one-liner: From George, the blind guy: “Megan Fox, I hear she is attractive. I wouldn’t know!”

What the episode ruined for us: I think it gave us false hope that google cars are easy to track down. They’re not. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Rating:  out of total 5 potatoes

Holler, Jordan.


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