Glee – The New Rachel

S04xE01 – Season 4 kicks off with Rachel Berry taking dance classes in NYC (at Nyada to be precise) from Kate Hudson, accompanied by several past contestants from So You Think You Can Dance (sidenote, if you don’t win SYTYCD I think it’s in your contract that you have a guest spot on Glee for a few epsidoes). Rachel finds out she can’t dance, which is refreshing because I expected them to use a body double and have her be amazing. Meanwhile back at McKinley High we check in via the nerd kid with the blog, making a video of the New Directions because now that they’ve won nationals, they’re big stars. But the question on everyone’s mind is who will replace Rachel Berry as the star? Rachel is adjusting to NYC with a little difficulty, being forced to shower at 3am so she doesn’t offend anyone with her zit cream but oh, what was that? A cute boy singing a classic rock song in the shower? If you remember season 1 we were introduced to Finn Hudson’s singing voice in the shower, and honestly I think he’s more likeable than Finn. They have a few moments of banter in the bathroom and he tells her he is straight and leaves. Rachel checks in with non-straight Kurt as he is wandering the halls of McKinley to meet Sue Sylvester’s baby, Robin. Cute kid. He also meets Kitty, Sue’s new Quinn. Mr. Schue tries to motivate the class, now that everyone wants to be in the Glee Club. Unique shows up to Glee to replace Mercedes and also to try and replace Rachel and no one likes him. I like him. They figure to battle it out to be the new Rachel they should sing Call Me Maybe. My vote goes to Blaine. Brittany needs to stick to dancing. I am happy to see that dreads guy stuck around for this season as well! Back in NYC we see that Kate Hudson (Cassandra) makes her smoothies with liquor. Oh that big bad city. Now back at McKinley (this will get old, whew), the New Directions realize they may not be cut out for being popular…making fun of lunch ladies is not in their repertoire. The lunch lady happens to be the mama of Marley who really wants to audition for glee, too. She made me cry a little. Back in NYC Kate Hudson who now refers to Rachel as David Schwimmer is motivating Rachel. Rachel calls her out on being a drunk and she blames mouthwash. If I moved to NYC I’d probably be Kate Hudson. Queue dance number. Americano/Dance Again performed by Kate Hudson.
McKinley auditions offer stoners, dubstep, and Puck’s younger brother who sings Never Say Never which I think is a Fray song. I don’t know, it sounds like it should be on Grey’s Anatomy. Now we get an overlap of Marley in Ohio and Rachel in NYC tag teaming New York (State Of Mind). Marley gets in and Blaine is voted the new star (told ya). As the new star, he prompts Kurt to just go to New York, even if he didn’t get into Nyada…by singing a song, It’s Time by Imagine Dragons. And this was hands down the best song of the episode.
Marley gets made fun of by the new snarky glee and she and Trouty Mouth (Sam) bond over their thrift store duds. Rachel and Mystery Boy bond over singing and she mentions how she’ll never ditch Army Finn and he rolls his eyes. She tries to rectify her dance moves for Kate Hudson (her shoulders are still way too high, man) and Kate begins to warm up to her, though it may be the booze.
Kurt and his dad, Burt, discuss his moving to NYC and Burt couldn’t be more supportive of Kurt. It’s really tender to watch. Glee club apologizes to Marley and they invite her back. And the slushies come with it. Puck’s brother is outted as being Puck’s Brother by Mr. Schue, and he invites him to join glee as well. Slushie’s for everyone! And we close with Marley feeling accepted and singing some Adele and Rachel and Kurt reuniting in NYC, where they should be.

Best Of The Episode: Kate Hudson was amazing, the only person who could have done a better job would have been Kristen Chenowyth and she has already guest starred. As a drunk sort of broadway star. Moving on…

Worst Of The Episode: Truthfully, anything having to do with New Directions at McKinley, I honestly thought it felt a little forced.

Where Did This Episode Leave Us: It left us with Kurt showing up in NYC with Rachel at just the time she decides that she needs a new roommate. It also gives us several new members of New Directions to carry on the legacy.

Best One-Liner: Kate Hudson: “Your pique turns suck.” Cause she’s right.

What This Episode Ruined For Us: In addition to quite a few musical numbers, it ruined Finn, becasue Mystery dude is a lot cooler and a lot more into Rachel.


Holler, Jordan


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